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These amazing Panama Geisha beans are grown and processed on the western flanks of the Baru Volcano in Panama. Each cup of this exceptional coffee provides upfront tastes of apricot and berries, followed by light cacao and cherry finish. Learn more…



Panama Geisha coffee beans are probably the most highly sought after coffee beans in the world. Sure, you can try beans digested by Civets if you really want to, but after the novelty wears off you’ll most likely come back to these insanely delicious coffee beans. If your neighbours think they are coffee aficionados, then show them up by inviting them over to taste your freshly roasted Geisha beans. If they look at you blankly then they are no aficionado, but if they are a true coffee snob they will be undeniably jealous of your purchase. One thing is for sure: if they have to ask how much it costs, they probably can’t afford it.

Recently revived from decades of obscurity, this particular coffee varietal only thrives in certain conditions and so only a few farms in Panama can produce it. Every tree is cultivated sustainably, and pesticides are not used. If some cherries do not meet the high-quality standards, they are then used as an organic fertiliser for the crops. These beans are processed naturally, meaning the cherries are sun-dried until the pulp and bean can be separated.

What makes this coffee so spectacular? The flavours! These coffee beans activate a sense of elderberries with a red grape acidity and tropical fruit when delivered black through a plunger or filter. With such immaculate flavours, it’s no wonder they are referred to as ‘Geisha’ beans.


Why? Because it is tantamount to drinking your 62-year-old Dalmore Whiskey with a mixer.

Due to the exclusive flavours of these beans, they might be roasted to order and may arrive separately if ordered with other coffees on this site.

Tasting notes

You’d expect these coffee beans to deliver and they do exactly that. If you are keen coffee aficonado, you will appreciate the amazing flavours you get from every cup.

Best for: Plunger or Filter coffees (BLACK ONLY)
Body: Light
Acidity: Red Grape
Roast: Light
Flavours: Delicious raspberry and apricot flavours followed by beautiful candy and cherry with a hint of cacao aftertaste.

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Great in
Great in

Filter, Plunger

Roast type
Roast type





Red Grape


7 reviews for Panama Geisha Coffee

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Chocolate, candied fruit, spice on the nose with silky, smooth and very long finish. Acidity is medium to high, but well balanced with this full body coffee. It lingers long after you finish. The aroma changed as it cools to reveal a hint of berry. Fantastic

  2. Kat (verified owner)

    Delivered on time and the quality of the beans was pure perfection would definitely recommend this to any coffee snob an lover!

  3. Ed Strivens

    Sublime delicate flavours and so smooth. Exceptional coffee.

  4. S10094025 (verified owner)

    Very interesting mix of flavours in a coffee. Definitely worth a try if you manage to get your hands on some.

  5. Clarence Cocroft

    When will you have more geisha beans? We need to start ordering from you. The quality is superb.

  6. Robert (verified owner)

    Serious coffee that deserves high respect. Smooth and elegant yet all so powerful. A delightful drink that should be sipped and tasted without anything added to it.

  7. Phil Barry (verified owner)

    Amazing flavours that linger for ever on the palete. Smooth with slight acidity that comes later in the tasting but does not last thus allowing the fuller favour of the coffee to emanate. Citrus and mango were evident along with other fruits.

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