single origin coffee beans

Wholesale Coffee

Coffee Beans Delivered works with several offices and cafes to deliver the best coffee beans on a regular basis.

We understand the importance of retaining your customers and in a heavily saturated market, cafes need to stay ahead of the game.

The biggest problem that you, as the cafe owner or manager, face in today’s frenetic pace is finding the time to call the roaster and or even simply remembering to order in the first place.

Bulk buy coffee – Pay less

If you are ordering more than 5 kilos of coffee regularly, you don’t have to pay retail price. In fact, our roasters are even happier when you order in bulk because it takes almost the same amount of time to prepare and package a bulk order than individually packaging a single kilo.
That is why we offer special privileges to our bulk order customers.

This is what is unlocked when you become a wholesale applicant:

→ a sliding scale discount system – the more you bulk, the less it costs

→ access to dozens of single origin coffees that aren’t always available to the public

→ access to other products such as teas, chai powder, hot chocolate powder not available to public

→ priority service – if you are running low on coffee and your order isn’t due for a few days, we’ll do our utmost best to accommodate

→ coffee machine loans available – if you already loan a machine from another company we can organise a machine to suit your volume at no extra charge

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