Full Body Coffees

Full Body Coffees

A Full-bodied coffee is bold and has a heavy mouthfeel, with a palpable sense of viscosity, which is the roundness and creaminess produced by natural oils and sugars.

A coffee with a full body is a coffee with a heavy taste, it has a complex and overlapping variety of tastes, which add up to a rich and flavourful feeling in the mouth. This heavy taste is not overwhelming, but satisfying, pleasant and flavourful.

Contrary to popular belief, the body in a coffee does not refer to how “strong” it is, the only thing that affects the strength of the coffee is the ratios when brewing. More coffee and less water will brew a strong coffee, less coffee and more water will brew a weaker coffee. But this has no relationship to how “heavy or full-bodied” a coffee is.

Our Brazilian beans are a great example of a full-bodied coffee, with the country itself being known to produce coffee with complex and layered flavours. We encourage you to try some of these coffees and experience what a full-bodied coffee tastes like.

Similar to a full-bodied coffee, a coffee with a rich body means the coffee sits weightily on the tongue and is full of intense and interesting flavours.

Not only this, but rich bodied coffee has deep and complex flavour notes. Like the difference between serving Scotch Whisky dry, versus with water, these coffees have layers of flavours that the tongue unveils. The acidity opens up the receptors on the tongue, allowing the flavours to really soak in and develop on the palette.

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