A coffee with a full body is a coffee with a heavy taste, it has a complex and overlapping variety of tastes, which add up to a rich and flavourful feeling in the mouth. This heavy taste is not overwhelming, but satisfying, pleasant and flavourful.

Contrary to popular belief, body in a coffee does not refer to how “strong” it is, the only thing that affects the strength of coffee is the ratios when brewing. More coffee and less water will brew a strong coffee, less coffee and more water will brew a weaker coffee. But two coffees made with the same beans will have the same body.

Our Brazilian beans are a great example of a full-bodied coffee, with the country itself being known to produce coffee with complex and layered flavours. We encourage you to try some of these coffees, and experience what a full bodied coffee tastes like.

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  • Il Caramello Coffee Bean Blend

    Il Caramello Coffee Blend

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  • Brazillian Coffee Beans

    Brazilian Single Origin Coffee

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  • graphic art digital design of coffee beans from kenya single origin

    Kenyan Single Origin Coffee

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  • Guatemalan Coffee Beans

    Guatemalan Single Origin Coffee

    4.5 out of 5
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  • Papua New Guinean Coffee Beans

    Papua New Guinean Coffee

    5 out of 5
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  • Il-Caramello-gift-tube

    Limited Edition Il Caramello Coffee Blend Gift

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  • Guatemalan-gift-tube

    Limited Edition Guatemalan Single Origin Coffee Gift

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