Colombian Farmer Nestor Ossa

Colombian Reserve Microlot Grower: Nestor Ossa

We recently shared a post with information about one of the farmers from our Colombian Reserve Sampler Pack, Manuel Cotacio. It’s not often that we are given the name, and any solid details about the farmers that grow our beans, due to communication barriers, and just general lack of information. So we are now happy to share with you some information about Nestor Ossa, another of the Tierradentro farmers, whose beans we have in our Colombian Reserve Sampler Pack.

The Tierradentro Organic Co-Operative is a group of around 90 Inza families that have organised to independently achieve organic certification and bring their outstanding beans to new markets. Nestor is a supervisor in the Co-op, providing farmers with advice and technical knowledge.

Nestor’s coffee grows on steep hills beside the home he lives in with his parents, wife and young son. The area has an altitude of around 1700masl, and the rich volcanic soil of the region provides ideal conditions for typica and caturra varietals to grow in the shade of plantain and citrus trees.

The beans are pulped and washed with creek water for ten hours, before being sun dried on raised, covered beds. They are then taken to the community depot for milling, screening, selected for defects, then moved on to be sold.

Nestor’s coffee is particularly noted for it’s bright citrus acidity, a strong chocolate aroma and maple notes, which we at CBD can really notice when you stick your head into a bag. We just love it.

The Ossas

Nestor and the Ossas, all smiles.

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