Spotlight on the Kogi People Documentary Screening

Coffee Spotlight: Kogi Film Screening and Coffee Cupping in Melbourne

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Lorenzo and Diana, the founders of Kogi coffee, who import and distribute the beans in Australia, have put together an incredible documentary on the Kogi people, their unique coffee production process, and what this new venture means to the indigenous people of Colombia.
We are proud to stock the amazing coffee from Kogi on the CBD site. Not just because it’s great coffee, but because the story and the people behind it are truly inspiring and interesting.
The Kogi people live high in the mountains of the Colombian Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, they have been there for generations, living in relative isolation, even since the Spanish arrived in Colombia – they even have their own language!
They are guided by their ancient belief system that compels them as caretakers of the earth, and foster a deep symbiotic relationship with their environment. Today this community of only 20,000 continue their ancestral culture and sustainable agricultural practises.
But in recent years creeping developments and mining interests in the area have forced the Kogi people to come forward to spread their urgent message of environmental sustainability. The production and processing of “wild coffee” as an export is one of those efforts. The trees grow freely, mingling with the natural tropical rainforest, and the Mamos (Kogi elders) perform spiritual and ceremonial work to guide the process.
A screening of the documentary is taking place in Cremorne Melbourne, at the Bureaux Collective, tomorrow night 27th of April, at 6:30pm. Tickets are $12.58 through Eventbrite and can be purchased here.
We really encourage anyone with a desire to learn more about sustainable coffee practises, as well as awesome coffee to get along if you can.

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