The All-Rounder Sampler Pack

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If you are undecided about which coffees to try first, dive into this All-Rounder Sample pack of delicious coffees and discover which flavours suit your palette the best. This is also great as a gift for someone you know who might be a coffee aficionado. Learn more…



If you haven’t got a clue which coffees you like to try, then sink your taste buds into four of the best all-rounder coffees that Coffee Beans Delivered has to offer. Whether you like drinking Espresso, Plunger, or Filter coffee (or any variation of those) then this All-Rounder coffee sample pack is perfect for you. Try them as a black coffee or even with Milk and you will still notice the flavours coming through.

A lot of coffees can be brilliant in a short black but as soon as you add milk the flavours dissipate into the ether and all you are left with is a thin tasting coffee. Well, not with these beans, they are sourced and developed to give you an incredible coffee experience no matter how you drink it.

Sample Pack includes:

Tasting notes

The range of flavours in this sample pack are immense and one can expect to experience tastes of maple syrup, chocolate, malt, apricot and even toffee. for a more in depth description of each of the coffee flavours click on the names.


Chocolate, Malt

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Roast type
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Mars Dimackie






108 reviews for The All-Rounder Sampler Pack

  1. shannonandbradnoakes (verified owner)

    Loved all of these – great way to get to know this product range, and we’ll be devoted followers!

  2. James (verified owner)

    As a starting point into the world of coffee this pack is awesome! I brew primarily filter and plunger coffees and the Il Caramello and Tall Dark and Handsome are excellent blends with a very accessible flavour profile that I’m sure most will love (my preference being TDH). I also received the Guatemalan single origin and the Papua New Guinean coffees. Of these I greatly enjoyed the Guatemalan, particularly as the flavours changed as you went from drinking it black to adding a bit of milk. The PNG was also a great option with a fuller body, bolder flavour and lower levels of acidity for those who may have that preference. All in all very happy with every choice and highly recommend this pack to anyone who is unsure what they like.

  3. Chris (verified owner)

    Amazing coffee!
    Smooth, clean and flavourful. There wasn’t one coffee I didn’t enjoy in the 4 that I tried.

    Definitely recommend.

  4. Anthea Holder (verified owner)

    Beans came quickly and so far I have tried the tall dark and handsome and the Guatemalan. I have loved them both. I loved the idea of trying a few of your beans before buying a bigger bag. I drink both black and flat whites. So far, both bags of beans have been great in both black and with macadamia nut milk.
    Thank you!

  5. felicity.doyle1 (verified owner)

    Great way to try what you like best! I loved the il caramello blend and the Tall dark and handsome the most!

  6. Angela Tillmanns (verified owner)

    I originally bought this to identify which coffee my husband liked best, but he loves them all so we regularly buy the sampler pack. He has different coffee at different times of the day.

  7. Christian Kebab (verified owner)

    Was a bit hesitant to try an online coffee supplier but was blown away by the sheer quality and robust flavor of these coffee beans. The il caramello was by far my favorite but it was great to try 4 different blends in this sampler pack. This is a great way to taste and explore the wonderful world of coffee.

  8. Safa (verified owner)

    I’ve only recently begun my home barista journey and this little sampler pack is perfect! The size of the coffee bags are great for a single person, making sure that the beans are fresh and full of flavour for the 2 weeks it takes me to get thru a bag. So far, I’ve tried the ‘Guatemalan Single Origin Coffee’, ‘Papua New Guinea Single Origin Coffee’, and the Brazilian free sample pack sent with my order (Thanks, BTW!). I LOVED the Guatemalan coffee – smooth and a lovely full flavour. The Papua New Guinea and Brazilian coffee aren’t quite as suited to my taste, but I’ve used both packets and still enjoyed drinking them. Can’t wait to try the ‘Il Caramello Blend Coffee’ and ‘Tall Dark & Handsome Blend Coffee’ next.
    Only feedback I have is that I would love to get packets with a fresher roasted date because it takes me awhile to make my way thru the bags. As a single coffee drinker at home, I’ve only made my way thru 2 (250g) bags in a month, drinking a single (double shot) coffee per day. I believe the bags arrived with the oldest roasted date of 2 weeks – which is really fresh! However, by the time I start the last (freshest) bag, the roasted date would be ~8 weeks old. It might just be that I’m better off buying smaller orders, however this might be too expensive with the shipping costs.

  9. Emmanuel M (verified owner)

    My first foray into the world of buying whole beans couldn’t have gone better than with this sample pack, a perfect way to find my feet into what beans suit my tastes.

    Delivery was super quick, and I was really impressed by how recently the beans had been roasted. The smell from the sealed packs alone got me really excited (and still does).

    The bean variety is fantastic, and gives you a good feel for what works for my tastes. There’s no wonder the Il Caramello is a favourite, so smooth with a subtle sweetness. I was surprised by how much I liked the Guatemalan, similar to Caramello but with more boldness of flavour. Tall Dark and Handsome is what I’m currently drinking, and it lives up to its name. Strong but with no bitterness. PNG is next on my list!

    I was also provided with a small added sampler of the Brazilian. Wasn’t to my tastes, but I appreciate the extra gift there.

    Highly recommended!

  10. Ty (verified owner)

    I bought this for my dad for his birthday to use with his new coffee machine and he hasn’t stopped telling me how much he loves these beans every day that he makes a coffee! The Il Caramello was his favourite and he has since asked me when I can order more for him!

  11. Rachel Drewe (verified owner)

    Was very impressed with the coffee sample pack! I was even gifted an extra organic coffee and I really appreciated that. Our absolute favourite was Il Caramello Blend Coffee and we have just ordered a 1kg bag. Tall dark and handsome came in close at second! Great service and quick delivery. Thank you

  12. Jenny (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery which surprised me in these times! All of them made a really great cup of coffee, but the Papua Nu Guinea was my favourite!

  13. Colin Jobson (verified owner)

    What can I say, very fast delivery time.
    Excellent coffee, great variety of flavour difficult to pick a favourite. Definitely buy again. Great price and would highly recommend the sample pack for any one not sure on what flavour suits your taste.

  14. Blake (verified owner)

    A great option if you’re unsure as to what flavour notes you enjoy in your coffee.

  15. Joshua (verified owner)

    Very tasty coffee options.

    I’m not much of a coffee person so I can’t notice too much of a difference between the 4 samples, but they all taste good.

  16. Scott Chaplin (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, no fuss and the coffeee…. next level – favourtie is definitely the Il Caramillo Blend. Great Coffee Beans Delivered!

  17. emilymacnamara7 (verified owner)

    Great coffee! Love love love!
    I’ve only recently dappled in coffee and I can say I liked most of the beans in this sample pack! I love that the sample pack is an option as beginner coffee goers like me can try out different beans!
    I loved the Il Caramello Blend and the Papa New Guinea the most! My partner LOVED the Tall Dark & Handsome, however we both didn’t really like the Guatemalan.
    Definitely reordering the 3 we loved!
    I recommend ‘coffee beans delivered’ to everyone I know!

  18. Andrew Neill

    Ordered the sampler pack and was amazed it arrived the next business day.
    Coffee was fantastic and we now have a couple of favourites that I can’t wait to order again

  19. Sarah Esdaile (verified owner)

    Loved this sample pack! Our favorite is Tall Dark & Handsome. Thank you Ryd for the advice & video links you sent through when I was unsure of what to do or buy!
    Amazing coffee!!

  20. Amy Fenton (verified owner)

    Loved this sample pack and they even threw in a free bag to taste! Tall, Dark and Handsome is our favourite so far. Fresh, delicious beans that arrived quickly. Thank you!

  21. Matt Frost (verified owner)

    Great Coffee pack to start with! Absolutely hooked now and will be ordering again!

  22. Shane (verified owner)

    I ordered a Sampler Pack to see which beans I preferred. I really love the caramello blend & the colombian amazing coffee something went wrong with my order with the postage but I was looked after with some free Beens to get me through very impressed..

  23. Jennifer Wills (verified owner)

    I never usually do reviews but love all varieties of the All Rounder Sampler Pack. Quickly delivered too during isolation. Thank you.

    • Coffee Beans Delivered

      Thanks for doing a review. It’s extra special to us seeing as you don’t normally do them. It means so much to hear your kind words, Jennifer!

  24. Maria (verified owner)

    Excellent product and prompt service. The coffee is delicious – a great range of flavours in the sampler pack. Now I have a list of favourites to order next time. The service was brilliant – despite the COVID_19 lockdown, our parcel arrived promptly. We will be purchasing from you again.

  25. Hayley (verified owner)

    I couldn’t decide which coffee to try so bought the sampler pack. Every coffee is delicious! I’ll definitely be buying all my coffee from Coffee Beans Delivered from now on!

  26. Belinda Middlebrook (verified owner)

    Such a great tatse tester!! Now the problem is deciding on my favourite! Very impressed.

  27. Gabriele (verified owner)

    A good selection of different coffee flavours, but all excellent. Caramello is my favourite, but I like having the variety and alternating

  28. Pete Ptolemy (verified owner)

    Sampler pack contained Papua New Guinean, Il Caramello, Tall Dark and Handsome,Bird Friendly Gautemalan Single Orgin.
    The New Guinean was wonderful as were the old favourites of Il Caramello and Tall Dark and Handsome. The Guatemalan was the least favourite to our taste but still a nice tasting coffee.
    With some trepidation, we also purchased some Australian Organic Single Origin sourced from Nimbin. The altitude comparison between other coffees and the Australian (60metres) provided some amusement. Much to our delight the Australian Single blend was a very good coffee with floral and fruity notes. A fantastic pack

  29. Peter (verified owner)

    Sampler packs are a great way to find the fast you like. And fast delivery!

  30. Paul (verified owner)

    Great coffee delivered fast. Have ordered again!

    (Would be 5 stars if free delivery for 1 kilo order…)

  31. Nigel Rawlins (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous starter pack and a great way to taste the different coffees, while I like the stronger varieties, my wife loves the Il Caremello blend. We are working our way through them all to figure out what our favourites are and will then order a couple of different types to vary our brews.

  32. PAUL (verified owner)

    Caramello blend is absolutely perfect

  33. Robert E THOMPSON (verified owner)

    As usual, this is a great selection and VERY hard to pick a particular Origin Coffee, as they are all excellent.

  34. blake19uni (verified owner)

    Took my first steps away from store-bought coffee and am very pleased. You can really taste the stone fruit in the Il Caramello. I was a big fan. The Guatemalan was a strong, rich brew perfect for fuzzy mornings.

  35. catherine.creagh (verified owner)

    Customer service was quick and helpful, with postage occurring in a reasonable time frame. I have a stove top pot and find it tricky to get the most out of my beans. I purchased this pack to allow for some experimenting before committing to a larger bag. Have tried il caramello first, as this seems to be so popular. It makes a lovely cup with a rich flavour that still comes through from the stove top. I can’t wait to try the others! I will use this survice again in future and would recommend to others. A great gift for coffee lovers this Christmas.

  36. Rachael Page (verified owner)

    I ordered the sample pack and it was delivered very quickly! All of the beans were absolutely delicious, the Guatemalan and Tall Dark and Handsome were my favourites. I will definitely be ordering my beans from here again!

  37. Sheldon (verified owner)

    Great coffee. We loved the tall dark and handsome.

  38. Rob (verified owner)

    Well impressed. What can I say, I have tried, tried somewhere else, and am coming back to them for a reason.

    • Coffee Beans Delivered

      Thank you for the kind words, Rob!

  39. Christie McGreal (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Loved the il caramello & Papua New Guinea. Good sample pack. They even threw in a 5th one to try!

  40. Mark (verified owner)

    The starter pack was perfect. I’ve instantly learnt an appreciation for the subtle and significant differences between different origins and techniques. Now struggling to decide which one is the absolute best for me.

  41. clickity.clacks.on.friday

    I recently purchased an espresso machine when instant coffee stopped cutting the mustard. I thought this would be a good introduction to the freshly ground coffee game and I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and value for money of the sampler pack. I’ve enjoyed each of the coffees sent to me (although I’m still waiting to try the Columbian wild kogi coffee) and was appreciative that they sent me both the caramello and Tall dark and handsome which both intrigued me on their site.
    Customer service were also amazing and let me do a mix of whole beans and ground beans, I also received my coffee within 24h of purchase. 10/10 would recommend

  42. Joe (verified owner)

    Highly recommend for a good mix of flavours to guide future purchases. Additionally great communication and speedy delivery.

  43. Kate (verified owner)

    This is perfect for figuring out which one is best without being dissapointed with any of them.

  44. Alison Pryke

    Love the sample pack – great value and always a tasty brew. Easy ordering and fast delivery.

  45. Angela (verified owner)

    Fantastic pack to start with to understand what the different beans taste like. Quick delivery & delicious coffee

  46. Yuyung Sulianto (verified owner)

    This is a really great starter pack and delivery was very fast. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help to narrow down future choice as all the coffee taste great!

  47. Tina (verified owner)

    Have now tried all the single origin packs. We love the Nicuarguan Organic the most. So fresh and smooth. Looking forward to the Blend too.

  48. Traci O’Neill (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery, amazing communication, and even had a free gift thrown in. All flavours are great, but loving the il caramello

  49. Talahna Cook (verified owner)

    Bought this as a gift for my father with his new coffee machine and he doesn’t want to go back to supermarket coffee beans.

    I’m fact I (someone who doesn’t really drink coffee) enjoyed trying different varieties myself. Caramello in particular. Received them super fast and couldn’t have been happier.

  50. Angela Karu (verified owner)

    I am really enjoying sampling the coffees in this sampler pack. Good value and got to me in good time too (around 2 days later).

  51. Jemima (verified owner)

    Amazing coffee, exceptional customer service and super speedy delivery. Bought the sample pack and loved everything about it. No complaints here.

  52. Bernadette Salem (verified owner)

    The sampler pack was absolutely delightful, with four distinctly different blends with robust flavours and tantalizing aromas! The Il Caramello is quite exquisite and so smooth – a great tasting coffee that leaves you satisfied but still wanting more. The Guatemalan was strong and very drinkable, The Papua New Guinean was a medium strength and works well as an every day cup and the Nicaraguan was robust and flavoursome with more emphasis on the tannins. You can’t go wrong with any of these coffees.

  53. Chiara (verified owner)

    Fantastic coffee beans, great selection!!!

  54. Anne (verified owner)

    Amazing flavours. Great pack to try out if you’re unsure of what to order. Delivery was fast, and was even provided an extra sample! Love it!

  55. Justin Woods (verified owner)

    Great value. Guatemalan is reeeeeal good.

  56. petergrasshopper (verified owner)

    Received the Sample Pack – for manually-made, short black (expresso) compared with cheap supermarket beans (default) : the Guatamalan didn’t add anything extra, Nicaraguan were not as tart as the default so would buy these, il Caramella was very chocolaty but not enough bite, wouldn’t buy these – but the Papua New Guinea beans were fabulous – chocolaty in the mouth, with a good bite in the after taste – bought my first kilo of these. Happy! Peter

  57. Icy (verified owner)

    absolutely loving this! nice fragrance which you won’t get from other cafe or super market brand roast. Now there is no way back : )))

  58. ann cains (verified owner)

    Very happy with the all rounder, previously we had ordered a mystery sampler which we loved as well. Love, love, loved Carmello, PNG and Nicaraguan coffee. Guatemalan was super smooth but didn’t have enough kick for us. I’m just about to order more coffee from these guys, just have to narrow it down as there were so many ones we loved out of the 7 different types in our two different samplers!

  59. Samuel Driver (verified owner)

    Excellent choice if your unsure of what coffee to try! Only problem is remembering which ones you enjoyed the most! Definitely ordering again!

    • Coffee Beans Delivered

      Thanks Samuel! Do you think a little guide paper would be good to have when receiving the samplers so you can write your notes?

  60. clint83jane

    Amazing coffee 🙂

  61. Rhonda Andrews (verified owner)

    It was great to taste the 4 samples. Ill caramello was a favourite….but they were all great. The beans were really fresh. Will definitely be ordering again. Thanks coffee maestro.

  62. Paul (verified owner)

    Great introduction to try the different beans, all fantastic. Can’t pick a favourite.

  63. Teresa (verified owner)

    What a great sampler – helped us to choose wasn’t easy as they are all so good but it definitely helped – delivery was fast to our country loaction. thanks!!

  64. Kylie Evans (verified owner)

    Bought the sample pack of beans as a present for my husband and we have really enjoyed working our way through the different flavours – the pick was the PNG single origin. This was a great way to test out our new grinder and find some coffees we like. Now we can order some more!

  65. jennahiggins9 (verified owner)

    Loving this sample pack. What a great way to try a few flavours, without having to commit to a full kg.
    Il Caramello is my new regular.

  66. brianbales21 (verified owner)

    The sampler was a great introduction to the different varieties available. Each had their own uniqueness, however the Il Caramello reigned supreme, I’m now ordering a kilo.

  67. aupzheng (verified owner)

    Great Variety, each pack is unique and worth trying to decide which one suits you.

  68. melati.dh (verified owner)

    Got the All-Rounder for my dad’s 70th. He loves all but can’t stop talking about the il Caranello – he partically is enjoying this one. I can’t wait to visit him so I can sample.

  69. Matt (verified owner)

    Great variety and fast delivery.

  70. forbesy_085 (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the sampler pack, Guatemalan beans were comfortably the best for us. Wasnt overly keen on the caramello blend however. Caramels not my favourite taste, but a tsp of sugar seemed to make it better. Even though i hate putting sugar in high quality coffee. Now i now i can purchase a large bag of Guatemalan or colombian coffee and i wont be at all disappointed.

  71. Troy G (verified owner)

    Great pack for different subtle taste and to see what you may like. The Colombian bean is a cracker!

  72. Andrew Crockett (verified owner)

    All varieties were excellent, but especially the Colombian wild grown. Really happy with the service. Prompt delivery and great products.

  73. brettallancurtis (verified owner)

    Excellent coffee with super fast delivery. Wife’s favourite was the caramello mine was the PNG single origin. I work in PNG and have found it hard to find PNG beans fresh roasted at a reasonable price. Will definitely be buying again.

  74. snowbound1 (verified owner)

    Great beans!!! Caramello and PNG single origin defiantly the standouts for me. I like my coffee strong and these hit my sweet spot. Problem is I can’t seem to find the PNG single origin to purchase alone?

  75. Kate (verified owner)

    This was a great starter pack for our new coffee machine. Definitely gave us different flavours and strengths. We ended up purchasing a 1kg bag of the Colombian as it was our absolute favourite. Makes such a delicious coffee.

  76. Adriano Bonanno (verified owner)

    We ordered the sampler to test out a range of various beans. Great option if you’re unsure on which bean to get. Only problem is they are all good!

  77. Becky (verified owner)

    Bought as a present to a friend. She loved it! Great idea for a pressie!

  78. outhi-69 (verified owner)

    Delicious and Excellent service AAAAAAAA+++

  79. Joe (verified owner)

    We are really enjoying the sampler pack and gives a great avenue to try different types of coffee to which are preferred. Like most things, coffee is up to personal preference but in this pack, our favorite has been the Guatemalan single origin coffee. Now the next big decision is whether to go another sampler pack or straight to the Guatemalan. Decisions, decisions!!!!!

  80. Alex (verified owner)

    Delicious, very distinct flavours, and a pretty good price.

  81. KATE

    Definitely 5 stars! I purchased the sample pack for my husband for Christmas. I was amazed at how quickly it arrived (overnight!!) and it smelt amazing (I am not even a coffee drinker). It was hard keeping the delicious small from my husband until Christmas morning. He absolutely LOVES the coffee. Having a few flavours was such a good idea, now he knows what flavour profile he likes best and what to order next!

  82. James Dixon

    Excellent service would recommend to anyone

  83. Katie Geeves (verified owner)

    This was my first order and will definitely be ordering again! Great coffee and fast delivery. Highly recommend the sample pack.

  84. brigham (verified owner)

    this was the best way of kicking things off with CBD, great delivery time. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Organic and the Caramello blend was so so, but the Guatemalan and Rwandan were excellent.

  85. Daniel (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this sample pack. It’s the second sampler I’ve ordered (first one was mystery pack) and I’m glad to see Il Caramello make another appearance as its quickly become my favourite. Quality product at a fair price.

  86. Jake

    New to the home coffee game. The all rounder seemed like the best place to start. It certainly was, great variety, great taste and fast delivery. Thank you.

    • Coffee Beans Delivered

      Great to see you taking the home coffee on, Jake! Glad you’re enjoying all the different tastes.

  87. Curtis (verified owner)

    Fantastic selection, favourites are definitely Organic and Guatemalan Organic.

  88. Mark (verified owner)

    Very nice selection of flavours.

  89. aupzheng (verified owner)

    Pretty good coffee beans

  90. Caitlin Connelly (verified owner)

    Great coffee love all the beans! Favourite is the Il caramello. Next time will order whole beans or filter drip as the espresso grind was too fine for my machine

    • Jennifer Jeavons (verified owner)

      Hey Caitlin! Thanks for awesome feedback. Sorry to hear that the grind was too fine for your machine. This is definitely a tricky one as each machine is slightly different and has varying degrees of power to handle the coffee extraction. Coffee is affected by most of the elements so things like humidity can drastically cahnge how the coffee extracts. Ideally it would be best to grind as you go and that way you can adjust the grind to work best in your machine. However, if you put your coffee machine model details in the notes, we can grind the coffee more closely to suit that machine which will help mitigate some of the issues. All the best!

  91. Alan O’Grady (verified owner)

    Great starter pack. All of them were beautiful but really loved the Rwandan beans. Thanks

  92. Human (verified owner)

    Absolute favorite is Rwandan single origin, amazing strength with the weakest brew, perfect for both hot and cold mocca’s however not for the faint hearted #lovethisbrew.
    Il caramello, smooth with a slight creamy texture, I found, with a graceful balace of light and thick feels. Perfect for all day coffee drinker (Is the partners favorite).
    I was not much of a fan of Guatemalan it tastes flat to me, like a little heavy bodied. Great with ice cream, so I’d recommend thickshakes and such. As for the final baby in the All rounder sample pack (fantastic price by the way}. The organic coffe blend reminded me of the bush for reasons I’m unclear on. Every cup had a taste that conjured images of flower bulbs, don’t ask I don’t know, with a hint of gum nut like qualities.
    This was the first order of coffee I’ve ordered from Coffee beans delivered, I’m planing on ordering the All rounder sample pack again so my review may change in a month.
    Thank you for taking the time you read my review.

  93. Joe Bruno (verified owner)

    I sampled the all rounder pack and was very impressed with selections and coffee
    is great highly reccomend it to all.

  94. Sinead (verified owner)

    What an excellent way to sample. We have enjoyed every bag and going to re-order as we cant decided which is best!!!

  95. Kerri Gilson (verified owner)

    Great coffee from the Sample Pack – just the smell of the freshly ground beans is divine but the taste is very smooth and amazing. 5 stars all the way.

  96. Lisa (verified owner)

    The all rounder is a great way to find out which coffee is for you. Each sample is very different with his complex flavours. I have come to conclusion that the organic blend is for me. Perfect for my ‘Little Guy’

  97. Chris (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and great tasking coffee

  98. o20n3 (verified owner)

    Had been looking for a new taste sensation for a while. The sample pack was fantastic as it allowed me to choose from four very good selections. Four stars out of 5.

  99. Murray (verified owner)

    Great variety, and customer service. Will order bigger bags next time

  100. David (verified owner)

    Received a sample pack from family on my birthday – great gift idea for the coffee lover. About to order another pack now.

  101. Michelle (verified owner)

    Great coffee and fantastic customer service. I purchased the sampler pack for variety and I received my order the next day. I will definately be a returning customer.

  102. Erin (verified owner)

    Great service, fast delivery, and love having the different blends to mix things up. Caramello is a household favourite but I esp love the the Rwandan bag. Will be back for more.

  103. Eddie (verified owner)

    What a great way to sample some freshly roasted beans. All 4 were great. I loved the rwanda bag and my wife loved the organic blend.

    Excellent prompt next day delivery.

  104. Ashlea (verified owner)

    Purchased for Hubby’s birthday. Fast delivery. Favorite was Organic blend.

  105. Katie (verified owner)

    Loved the sample pack! Guatemalan Organic was my favourite. Excellent next day delivery. Very happy thankyou.

  106. Kevin (verified owner)

    Received my order in Brisbane the very next day. These beans are simply the best I’ve tasted. Will be difficult to go back to cafe coffee after sampling these flavours.

  107. Ros (verified owner)

    Yum, we just started the Brazil coffee beans, that is a great latte!

  108. Alan (verified owner)

    I ordered a Sampler Pack to see which beans I preferred. Coffee tastes great and the beans were delivered in less than 24 hrs – couldn’t be happier!

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