Papua New Guinean Coffee

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These Papua New Guinean Single Origin coffee beans are grown on family run farms in Australia’s neighbouring country. They have a naturally delicious sweet taste, with chocolate and fruity notes and are a perfect bean for both black and white coffee drinkers. Learn more…



These wonderful Papua New Guinean Coffee beans are sourced from family owned and run microlots in the Okapa region of the Eastern Highlands. Grown at altitudes of 2000 metres in rich volcanic soils, these Bourbon varietal beans received around 2000mm of annual rain which encourages a year round harvest. This means we have a year round supply and consistent tasting bean.

The beans are sweet with well balanced depth, a full body and medium acidity. With tasting notes of fruit and chocolate, a hint of earthiness comes through in the finish, due to the soil in which they are grown. Enjoy them in a white or black coffee in any brewing style for a fantastic brew.

Tasting notes

PNG is an up and coming region for exceptional coffee and whilst it doesn’t have a famous reputation yet, that is rapidly changing.

Best for: Everything

Body: Full

Acidity: Medium

Roast: Medium

Altitude: 1600 MASL

Process: Washed

Flavours: Chocolate with fruity flavours

Varieties: Traditional strains of Typica, Bourbon, Arusha, Blue Mountain & Mundo Novo

Region: Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands & Simbu/Chimbu Province


Chocolate, Fruit

Great in
Great in


Roast type
Roast type



Mars Dimackie






11 reviews for Papua New Guinean Coffee

  1. thomcast112 (verified owner)

    PNG Beans have a wonderful full flavour. They are delicious, not too strong yet not weak and watery, not bitter yet not too sweet, definitely my preferred coffee… I take it double shot with milk have yet to try it black..

  2. Ronald Preuss (verified owner)

    I love this coffee! Smooth and delicious, a great treat!

  3. Richard Strutton (verified owner)

    Decided to try this coffee some time back and found it suited me nicely. One of my “go to” choices now.

  4. Omar (verified owner)

    Perfect when you drink it black!

  5. Sean Haley (verified owner)

    Objectively a very nice coffee, quite smooth. Just not quite to my taste. Nothing wrong with it but doesn’t suit me. Maybe I’m not a fan of chocolate flavours and prefer a darker roast so won’t detract from what is otherwise a very nice brew.

  6. Bernard Brooks (verified owner)

    I have been trying for ages to get a coffee which suits my palate. I saw the promotion for Papua New Guinean coffee and gave it a try. I found this coffee to be flavoursome and non acidic. I am not a coffee purest but I know this PNG coffee suits my taste buds to a tee.

  7. Ben (verified owner)

    The PNG has a nice rounded non acidic mouth feel with chocolate flavours to finish. Very easy to drink.

  8. Silvano (verified owner)

    This rich and beautiful Papua New Guinean coffee is great with and without milk. I have long been a fan of the Nicaraguan & previously Guatemalan coffees from CBD. While I still love both of these, the PNG is definitely a contender for first place to my palate. Really delicious.

  9. Simon (verified owner)

    Was my bean of choice in the Breville Barista Express over Christmas. The fruity notes were pleasant and went well as a long black, iced coffee or with milk. The family run farms that you support when buying these beans made a nice accompaniment to the ‘season of giving.’

  10. thomas.papior (verified owner)

    An excellent coffee, just perfect for a morning latte.

  11. John-Barden

    I received this in a Blindfold Sample Pack, and I cannot believe how amazingly smooth it is. I would absolutely recommend trying it. It is without a doubt, the most delicious coffee I have ever had.

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