Why is Panama Geisha Coffee Worth Every Cent?

Why is Panama Geisha Coffee Worth Every Cent?

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You may have come across this coffee called “Panama Geisha” once or twice, and been blown away at just how expensive it is. But what you may not know is that it’s absolutely worth every cent you’d pay for it. Why, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

Panama Geisha coffee is incredibly rare, grown in Cordillera, Chiriqui on the Baru Volcan National Park. Technically, these beans didn’t actually originate in Panama – they started their journey in Ethiopia before travelling to Kenya, then finally on to Panama, which is the only place you’ll find them nowadays. These beans are very delicate, requiring very specific conditions to grow. 500 metres above sea level is the premium altitude to grows these beans at, leaving only a small handful of farms to successfully grow these coffee beans. Along with this, the trees only produce a very small amount of beans, making them quite rare, accounting for the price tag.

Panama Geisha are also considered the most delicious filter coffee there is. I’d like to add a little PSA here too – do NOT waste this coffee on espresso. It won’t taste anywhere near as good as it does through a filter or plunger. Keep your eye out for a video coming soon about the best way to brew Panama Geisha coffee!

We currently have a limited supply of Panama Geisha in stock – get your hands on some now before it’s too late! Click the product image below for more information. Please note: we’re not shipping any orders with Panama Geisha until August 26th, 2020. They have delicious raspberry and apricot flavours followed by beautiful candy and cherry with a hint of cacao aftertaste. They’re definitely a must-try at least once in your life!

Panana Geisha Premium Coffee Beans

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