Home Brewing Methods: The Nanopresso

Home Brewing Methods: The Nanopresso

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The Nanopresso, a fairly recent coffee invention that allows you to make high quality espresso wherever you are, has taken off in popularity. Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about the Nanopresso!

What is a Nanopresso?

A Nanopresso is basically a condensed, portable way of creating an espresso shot without needing a full espresso machine, anywhere you are. You pump a small amount of hot water through ground coffee to create espresso. It’s commonly taken camping by coffee-connoisseurs who can’t go the weekend without a cup no matter where they are.

Coffee made from a Nanopresso can be enjoyed in pretty much any way you want – as an espresso, macchiato, piccolo, latte, or long black – and it can be iced or hot!

Where does the Nanopresso Originate From?

The Nanopress was created by the company Wacaco, founded in 2013 in Hong Kong as a small start-up. They currently have three different coffee brewing products that they sell – the Nanopresso, the Minipresso and the Pipamoka – all of which brew different types of coffee. Click the image below to check out all the specs on Wacaco’s site.

The Best Way to Brew with a Nanopresso at Home

There’s not much wiggle room when you’re brewing with a Nanopresso – you’ll need to find the perfect grind. Then, follow these steps to use your Nanopresso:

  1. Put one level scoop of ground coffee into the coffee basket, and use the flat side of the scoop as a tamp to flatten to grinds into the basket. For a guide on how to properly tamp, have a read through our in-depth blog.
  2. Put the filter onto the basket.
  3. Fill the other cup with hot water, and screw both ends back onto their respective sides of the Nanopresso’s body.
  4. Slightly twist the knob on the front to release the pump.
  5. Turn the Nanopresso upside down (the end with the coffee grinds in it should be at the bottom) and pump the water through the grinds into a cup for a beautiful espresso shot.

The Best Coffee for a Nanopresso

You can basically use any medium roast coffee with a Nanopresso and make a good cup. We always recommend using a blend if you’re adding milk to your coffee. Our Il Caramello blend is lovely and smooth, while our Tall, Dark and Handsome blend packs a bit more of a punch with a fuller body.

For the black coffee drinkers out there, for a strong coffee we recommend our Papua New Guinean Single Origin – it’s full-bodied with chocolate and fruity flavours, and medium acidity. For a mellower cup, our Brasilian Single Origin coffee will go perfectly.

So grab some beans, find yourself a Nanopresso, and get started on making some high-quality espresso in the comfort of your own home!

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