Colombian Reserve Farmer Manuel Cotacio

Colombian Reserve Microlot Grower: Manuel Cotacio

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We are so happy to have some incredible Colombian micro-lots as part of our new Colombian Reserve Sampler Pack. It’s not often that we are given even the name of, let alone any solid details about the farmers that grow our beans, due to communication barriers, and just general lack of information. That’s why we are very proud to share with you some more information about the growers behind the beans. First up, we have Manuel Cotacio – pictured above.

Manuel Cotacio is a part of the Tierradentro Organic co-operative, a group of around 90 Inza families who have recently independently organised to achieve organic certification for their beans as well as seek out new markets to share their outstanding coffee with. Manuel has a small farm, 1850masl, that he takes care of with his two elder sons. The coffee grows mostly under the shade of mandarin and other fruit trees. The trees are fed with compost made at the farm, with recycled coffee pulps, organic kitchen waste, and ashes from the home’s cooking fireplace. The coffee is taken to the community depot to be milled, screened and then sent off.

This produces a wonderfully classic Colombian coffee, with a medium body, strong honey sweetness and medium citrus acidity, with tasting notes of peach and nutty undertones. Try it today as part of our Colombian Reserve Sampler Pack.

Manuel Cotacio Family (1)

Manuel and his family, in their home. (The sign says “Welcome” in Spanish)

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