Colombia Geisha - The New Word on Geisha Coffee Beans

We’ve all heard about Panama Geisha, possibly the best coffee beans in the business, but Colombia Geisha is Panama’s cool younger sister, and she’s about to break onto the scene.

Last seasons crop of Panama Geisha coffee beans have recently run out, and the coffee world has been scrambling for something to replace it… In comes Colombia Geisha, a superb Ethiopian derived variety, that has been grown in Colombia for more than ten years. Originally planted as part of a ten year project to improve quality and increase botanical varieties in Colombia, these coffee beans have now become one of the most distinguished and unique coffees of the world.

It’s a truly delicious and special variety, a pleasant fusion of intensity and delicacy, with a pronounced aroma, vibrant acidity and a fresh, fruity, floral and sweet flavour. The finish is delightfully long, leaving behind beautiful floral and citrus notes.

The intense flavours are due to the high altitude of the growing region, La Herrera, Tolima in central Colombia, 1800-1850 metres and the high quantity of volcanic materials in the soil the trees are grown in. The regions cool high-mountain temperatures remain stable, forcing the cherries to retain their sugars, giving them that highly identifiable sweet flavour.

One of the first of our customers to try the Colombia Geisha left this lovely review on the site:

Where should I start about this delicious coffee. Layered complexity like no others. Floral, dark cacao and citrus aroma combined with well balanced acidity and long long finish with mid sweet tone to give a full mouth feel. This is the feminine version of the Panama Geisha, more delicate, less robust, but give just as much pleasure. This coffee should be sipped and enjoyed over a lazy sunny afternoon rather than a morning pick me up.” – Robert

But don’t take our, or Roberts word for it… Try these incredible coffee beans yourself and tell us how you go. But be warned, don’t waste these beans in espresso drinks or with milk. The delicate flavours will be absolutely lost, we recommend a plunger or filter brew to get the best out of them.


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