Pullman BigStep Tamper

The Pullman BigStep Tamper is here!

We’ve been using Pullman tampers for a while now and have no doubt that they’re the best in the biz. They make their tampers (and other espresso accessories) from the highest grade leather, steel and aluminium, meaning superb quality and a long lifespan. Based out of South Australia, they’ve been crafting out of local materials since 2002 and continue to come up with innovative and excellent barista accessories.

BigStep Tamper

Their most recent invention is the BigStep Tamper, which is a pretty ingenious idea that solves a problem that most coffee drinkers would hardly know exists! The BigStep has a 58.55mm base that ‘steps in’. This means that the maximum surface area can be reached and reduces the vacuum effect and pinched edge from incorrectly sized tampers. It basically reduces margin for error, allowing for a clean and even tamp and better flavour in the cup.

Check out this video of Adam Metelmann, 2015 QLD Barista, showing the BigStep in action:

Barista Tamper

While the BigStep is just the latest of Pullmans awesome barista accessories, the Barista Tamper is their flagship product. It offers height adjustable spacers so the tamper can fit perfectly into any size hand and has rubber around the piston. This absorbs the pressure while tamping, meaning no sore wrists or callouses. In a commercial setting where you’re tamping hundreds of times a day, this is an awesome feature. On the side of the base are TrueTamp rings that let you easily level out your ground to achieve an evenly packed basket. It’s also extremely light with a perfect balance between handle and base, meaning maximum control over the pressure of your tamp. And with a lifetime guarantee, it’s probably the only tamper you’ll ever need to buy.

The cool thing about Pullman tampers is that they are completely customisable, with heaps of colours and wood grains to choose from. You can also get your tamper personalised with engraving options on the top and sides of the handle.

So now that we’ve gushed enough over the tampers, here’s some super exciting news! We’ll be stocking a customisable range of Pullman Barista and Nexus tampers on the CBD site very soon! So you’ll be able try out these awesome tampers yourself!

Happy brewing and stay tuned!

Image source Cat and Cloud.

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