A Champion AeroPress Recipe to Try at Home

A Champion AeroPress Recipe to Try at Home

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The 2016 World AeroPress Championships have just wrapped up in Dublin, Ireland. Some really cool and inventive recipes always come out of the competition, and being the proud new(ish) owner of an AeroPress, we are keen to try out some technical methods! Out of the winning recipes, there’s one that we reckon will taste awesome with our beans and we’re gonna try and master. Try it at home and see how you go!

2016 AeroPress Championship – 2nd Place Recipe – Jerome Dittmar

Brewer position: Normal

Filter: AeroPress Paper, rinsed

Water: 230g, Brita Filtered, 95 degrees celsius

Coffee: 20g, grind size 7/10 (0=fine, 10=coarse)

Method: Pour 40g of water over 10 seconds, let steep for 20 seconds, pour water till you reach 230g over 40 seconds, push slowly for 40 seconds

And check out this cool video of last years champion in action below!

Header image from World AeroPress Championship.

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