The Science of the Pour Over Coffee Method

Pour over coffee originated in 1908, invented by a German entrepreneur named Melitta Bentz. But the rise of French Press knocked it off its perch. But now a resurgence of interest in the Pour Over Method has hit, during the third wave of coffee.

With the science-like precision, measurement and method used, Pour Over Coffee lovers are increasingly able to adjust and attune their brews to get beautifully balanced, and full flavoured cups. We haven’t delved too much into the world of Pour Over yet, but we stumbled across this infographic that makes us want to. We had little idea of the history behind the method (go Melitta!) and think it’s pretty cool to see a break down about the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular brewers! Check it out:

Science of Pour Over Coffee

If you love the Pour Over Coffee method, tell us why in the comments!

Awesome infographic found on Calculated Coffee.


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