Kogi Coffee In Print and On Screen

Kogi Coffee in Print (And On Screen)

By now you’ve definitely heard us shouting from the rooftops about how awesome Kogi Coffee is. Not just the bright taste and texture of the coffee itself, but the message and story behind how the brand came to be.

We’ve been sharing the message so loudly, in fact, that the team over at Peppermint Magazine came to us for more. They were interested in the sustainability practices in the growing process, the spiritual and environmental core of the brand and the importance of the message from the Kogi people, that as custodians of the earth we must teach and we must conserve.

Peppermint Magazine is an Australian quarterly print magazine with a focus on “style, sustainability, and substance.” They include a diverse range of content, from food, fashion and homewares, to news, social issues and entrepreneurs. Every issue is printed on PEFC-certified printed paper and is 100% carbon neutral.

The magazine is committed to giving back, so proceeds from each issue are donated through their Fashion Cents program, which has supported local and international organisations including The Butterfly Foundation, SecondBite, BlinkNow and Save the Children. With an ethos like theirs, it’s no wonder Peppermint was interested in the story of Kogi coffee.

So we organised a Skype meet-up between Peppermint Editor Rebecca Jamieson Dwyer and Kogi Founder Lorenzo Perafan to have a chat about where it all began and where it’s all going. Their chat turned into an interview, which turned into a feature piece in the Spring “Making for Good” Issue of Peppermint Magazine.

The issue itself focuses on makers around the globe that seek to create positive change. The issue includes a wide variety of artists and creators, including a ceramicist, a vinyl-print artist, a crafter and a knitter! It’s a very fitting theme for Kogi coffee, who aim to use a sustainably produced product to spread a message of awareness to those in the coffee industry and beyond.

This message is highlighted in their documentary, which we are in talks to screen soon. Watch a segment of it below and try not to be moved by the swelling music and stunning landscape.

You can purchase the magazine by clicking here.

And you can purchase some of these fantastic coffee beans by clicking here.

Image via Peppermint Magazine.

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