Coffee Profile: Papua New Guinean Single Origin

Coffee Profile: Papua New Guinean Single Origin

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The coffee from Papua New Guinea is simply exquisite. With sweet, well-balanced beans and flavours of plum chocolate, light spice, it’s no wonder that coffee is the country’s 2nd largest agriculture export.

Our PNG is sourced from a series of small family-operated farms in Okapa, which is located in the Eastern Highlands of PNG. The dedication, care, and passion that the farmers have for their coffee is evident when you try for yourself the first sip of a coffee made with their beans. In the growing process, they harvest, hand pulp and dry the coffees to a parchment form, then walk up to 10km to the nearest coffee collection point where it is milled for export. Further proving this, is their high-quality score of 86, the highest score from PNG, which is due to their beans being consistently amazing. These smallholder farmers are largely the reason for PNG quickly becoming one of the most acclaimed coffee growers around the world.

Young Papua New Guineans harvest coffee cherries from a tree. Looking at the camera and holding up the cherries towards the camera smiling.

Coupled with the farmer’s talented work, the landscape in the Eastern Highlands plays host to broad valleys and high mountains with rich, volcanic soils that allow the coffee to be grown at an altitude of 2000m and subsequently receives around 2000m of rainfall annually. This rainfall means we get to enjoy these beans all year round! Since coffee’s introduction to PNG in the 1890s, the industry has had to navigate many challenges such as Coffee Berry Disease and Coffee Rust. Two greatly impactful agricultural diseases which can completely wipe out farms. Through a rise in accessible education, they have managed to grapple this issue with the collaboration between farms both small and large to develop soil nutrition management and retention to prolong the success and sustainability of their farms.

Photo by Adli Wahid

The beans are fully washed, of the bourbon variety and have a well-balanced depth, a full body and a medium acidity. Perfect for everyone’s cup of coffee whether you drink it black or white. They have a naturally sweet taste with chocolate and fruity notes! You can give the beans a try by following the link below!

Papua New Guinean Coffee Beans

Papua New Guinean Coffee

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