5 Cool Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Even if you’re not using crazy wasteful Nespresso or K-Cups, there is quite a large element of waste when making coffee. But before you fill up your bin with the used up grounds, here are a few ways you can re-use coffee grounds around the house.

  1. Deodorise your fridge

Coffee can be used to soak up food smells in the refrigerator. Just pop a little open container in the back of the fridge, but be sure to change it every few weeks to keep things fresh, and so the new coffee will absorb.

  1. Scrub pots and pans

Instead of using a harsh metal scourer on your pots and pans, add drop a tablespoon of used grounds on your chux cloth, with some soap and use that to scrub away.

  1. Repel mosquitos

Those warm summer nights are coming at us quick, so that means pesky mozzies will be swarming. This one is a little bit of work, but apparently is very effective. What you need is an foil pie plate (like you would put in the oven), barbecue lighter fluid, a wet towel and long matches. Take your grounds out of your coffee maker and let them dry in the pie pan until they are dry. Level the grounds and dropper a small amount of lighter fluid into the pan. If you smother them they will burn too quickly. Then light with a long match and wait until the lighter fluid burns off. Then smother the pie dish with a wet towel, the smoke will repel mosquitoes!

  1. Make an exfoliating scrub

You may have seen the coffee scrub trend on the internet, led by a few rather expensive brands. But the main ingredients of these exfoliating scrubs are coconut oil and coffee grounds. So next time you’re in need of a nourishing scrub, mix some dried, used grounds with coconut oil and scrub yourself in the shower. Make sure to wash it all off before you get out, you don’t want coffee stains on your towels!

  1. Fortify plants

You can give seedlings a little nitrogen boost by stirring some grounds into the watering can or soil, but make sure you don’t overdo it. A little boost is all they need!

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  • Stephen Bogg

    Another use for coffee grounds.

    Sprinkle used coffee grounds around your strawberry plants/vegetable garden and it will keep snails and slugs away.

    I didn’t believe it until i tried it and it works amazing.

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