double spouted espresso shot glass from rhinoware 70ml in box

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Rhinoware Glass Spouted Shot Glass

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Rhinoware Glass Spouted Shot Glass

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Rhinoware Glass Spouted Shot Glass

The Rhino Double spouted shot glass is perfect for baristas, professional or home, as it provides a wide mouth to catch the coffee from both portafilter spouts or a naked portafilter, measures in both millilitres and ounces, and has a hand for easy pouring.

It measures from as low as 10ml up to 70ml (1oz - 2.5oz) so no matter whether your coffee shot is single or double, you'll know exactly how much coffee liquid you've extracted. In increments of 10ml and 1/2oz with accuracy down to +/-5%

The handy double spouts mean you can easily pour with your left hand or your right hand depending on your preference.


Dimensions: 2.83"/ 72mm diameter across the top of the spouts, 2.36"/60mm tall