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Crash Course in Coffee: Kickstart Your Coffee Journey

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This course is guaranteed to give you the knowledge and skills to make cafe-quality coffee with your home espresso machine.

This module covers an Introduction to Coffee which gives you a solid foundation of knowledge to know how coffee began, where it came from and how it grew to be a globally loved commodity.


After completing the first module, if you want to keep going with the course, you can access that here!

Here's what the course includes;

With this course, you are guaranteed to improve your home barista skills, becoming an expert in coffee theory and practice, and leaving you with the confidence to take on the coffee industry.

What you’ll receive

    • A six-lesson series of in-depth information

    • Video tutorials

    • Cheats sheets and small quizzes to help with retention

    • On-going Support

    • Access to an exclusive Facebook group

    • Priority discounts and bonuses as we release more and more special materials

What’s in it for you?

    • Learn how to be the best barista that you can possibly be

    • Learn in your own time

    • Lifetime access

    • Community assistance

    • Learn on any device

    • print outs, cheat sheets and quick quizzes

    • Easy to follow tutorial videos, links to more information and deeper understanding

What’s included in the lessons – 

History of coffee

Discover the origins of coffee and how it all began


How to extract the perfect espresso 

Creating the perfect foundation for a great coffee


How to steam silky milk 

Learn how to achieve perfect silky milk


The different types of coffee

A comprehensive guide of all types of coffees


Coffee Roast 

Understanding coffee quality, down to the roast 


Cupping and Quality Scores

Learn about cupping score and how it translates to the quality of your coffee


How to start pouring latte art

Latte art makes your coffee look better and we’ve got tricks to get you started


Best barista tools & Machine Maintenance and tips

The best tools that will take your coffees to the next level.



My name is Ryd and I’ve been on the coffee scene for 20 years now and I’ve seen a lot of growth over that time. I started out owning my first cafe at NIDA in Sydney when I was 18, and with a genuine passion for the coffee industry, I’ve decided to extract my knowledge onto your screen for the first time! Sharing and passing on the knowledge I’ve gained over the years in the industry has become another passion. The coffee world has so much to learn still and with the consumer being kept in the dark, I thought it’s time to shine the spotlight on it.



Unlike other coffee courses, the support doesn’t end when you finish the course. This course includes access to our exclusive Facebook support group where you can learn from other participants as well as receive answers from us on any questions you may have post-course.



Each step of the Course goes into making coffee broken down into 6 individual lessons to make sure you’re getting the most information possible.



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So many helpful tips!

I learnt so many good tips and my coffee is on another level after learning some simple things! Highly recommend.