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These Rwandan coffee beans are extraordinary in milk-based coffees and in black coffees. They produce unique flavours of floral, toffee, stone fruit and milk chocolate to give your mouth a full-bodied coffee experience. Learn more…



Gisovu is a special blend from 3 different regions Kilimbi, Gisheke and Rugali which all lie within the Nyamasheke region that is full of rich land with impeccable climate for growing coffee. All regions have their own individuality and impact this coffee.  The producer of coffee from this region is Muraho , who consolidates the coffees from small farmers and strives to increase the quality of production. The red bourbon variety presents an admirable acidity and remarkable uniformity.
This region sits at 1550 – 1850 MASL allowing the cultivation of complex flavours from the cherry. The offering from this Rwandan coffee is great black and white with toffee and stone fruit flavours with hints of floral and a milk chocolate finish.

Tasting notes

With a slightly deeper body than the Nicaraguan coffee, the Rwandan coffee is still one of the best single origins for milk based coffees. Although, don’t let that put you off if you prefer black coffees because this coffee is great in everything!

Best for: Espresso
Body: Full

Altitude: 1550-1850 MASL

Process: Washed

Acidity: Well-rounded
Roast: Medium
Flavours: Floral, Milk Chocolate, Toffee and Stonefruits

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Roast type
Roast type







Stone fruit


9 reviews for Rwandan Single Origin Coffee

  1. Monty Harris

    Hi I would love to invest in Rwanda and your wonderful coffee, please share how can I be apart of this venture?

  2. Megan Jackson (verified owner)

    This coffee is delightful, it was super fresh, ground well, very full bodied and incredibly palatable as both milk and black coffee. We will definitely be ordering these beans again, thank you!

  3. Rob (verified owner)

    The coffee was absolutely excellent. I made it using a plunger and very much enjoyed the complex zesty flavours. My partner and I went through 1kg of bean in about 10 days, I think!

    My only complaint is that the shipper (StarTrack) did not even try to deliver (we were home the whole day), but left a note in our box to pick up at the Post office. Please fix your courier service and I’ll order more. Like the review from Roxanne it was delayed for a week due to the Easter holiday. Then, of course, upon picking it up Post was slammed and I had to wait in a huge queue. Ultimately, it was indeed worth the 2+ week long wait for the beans, but that certainly starts taking away from the advantage of shopping from home.

  4. Roxanne (verified owner)

    My husband’s favourite! We missed out on it over Easter due to a very slow courier and it sat in the post office:( Ryd was quick to respond to my vent on line and was very sincere in sorting the issues we had with delivery.
    This coffee is great with dairy or soy. About to put in my next order….

    • Coffee Beans Delivered

      Thanks for the kind review Roxanne! We definitely appreciate our customers, so getting the courier service to run more smoothly is a priority. -Ryd

  5. Tansie (verified owner)

    Lovely bold and strong coffee. Ordered these as something different from our usual Guatemala beans. Enjoyed every cup and will order more in future. Great with milk or as espresso

  6. Malcolm (verified owner)

    Rwanda’s elevation and climate results in a great coffee for regular drinking.
    It would be good to have coffee beans from other Rwanda regions as well.

  7. Ros

    Always super fresh and very quickly delivered. Consistently the best coffee.

  8. Pietari Keurulainen (verified owner)

    I had never thought of ordering coffee online because I was worried about the coffee being old and stale. But Coffee Beans Delivered delivered it to me the next day and the coffee tasted beautiful and fresh! I really love these beans. They have a great taste in both my black and white coffees and I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  9. Alison Skate (verified owner)

    Here’s a tip! Use the chat function on this website and talk to the team at Coffee Beans Delivered. I was contemplating a purchase of a different bean because it seemed to me to be similar to the qualities I had previously looked for in a coffee – but after chatting with Ryadan I was convinced to try the Rwandan beans instead, and I am so glad I did! It has a more toasty-roasted flavour than I had expected, but this is the reason I love this bean so much! It is perfect for my latte/flat white each morning, and holds its flavour really well with a milk-based coffee. I’m looking forward to working my way through a few more of CBD’s single origin and blends – Nicaraguan is next!

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