Chocolate/Caramel Duet Coffee Pack


We’ve discovered over the years that the two most desirable flavours in coffee are Chocolate and Caramel, which is why we’ve finally brought you the Duet pack together in one.

Tall, Dark & Handsome is the perfect chocolate-lovers coffee.

Il Caramello is our caramel tasting coffee with a rich creamy milk base. Learn more…



This duet pack of two of our best selling blends is a combination of:

Tall, Dark and Handsome – a deliciously dark chocolate with a velvety mouthfeel and full body.

Il Caramello Blend coffee – A smoother caramel with thick soft nougat and undertones of rich creamy full cream milk.

Whether you drink this as a cappuccino or a long black, these coffee are outstanding!


Tasting notes

Blended from superb quality varieties grown in Central America and Africa, this chocolaty blend delivers everything you ever need as a coffee.

Best for: Everything
Body: Full
Acidity: Medium – high
Roast: Medium
Flavours: Chocolate with fresh butter richness and Silky smooth Caramel with soft nougat and creamy milk

Roast type
Roast type






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