The December Dripper changes the pour-over game

The December Dripper changes the pour-over game

Just when you thought the market was already over-saturated with pour over coffee makers, up pops another. With the Hario, Kalita, Beehive, Malita (plus heaps more) – does the world really need another? We’re gonna go with yes on this one – wait until you hear us out.

The December Dripper is the new brainchild from seminal coffee gadgeters Nick Cho and Youngmin Lee. You may know of them as the masterminds behind bringing the Kalita Wave Dripper to the US, and founders of the global Brewers Cup Competition. So yeah, these guys know their stuff and have created a product, which in one fell swoop, eliminates the biggest issue with pour-over brewing.

It used to take time and tinkering to get grind sizes correct for brewing times, and leaves a certain amount of control to chance. Despite what you may believe, you can’t simply just adjust the grind finer and brew for less time. It’s a little more complex than that.

But the December Dripper is the first brew device that allows you to adjust the flow rate of the dripper, without changing you grind. This gives an awesome amount of control over the recipe, and increased versatility to experiment with different brew sizes.

Basically where a regular pour over device is one piece, the December Dripper is two, and twists at the base allowing you to close over all the holes, leave all of them open, or whatever you like in between.

The coffee makers will be hand-made by artisan metalworkers in brushed stainless steel, meaning it’s an awesome device for the coffee collector.

Check out the video from the creator below, and if you want one of your own, support the Kickstarter today!

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