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Introducing Cocovelle Coconut Drink - Because we're not only about Coffee

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Recently we stumbled across an awesome alternative to coffee, a new product on the scene called Cocovelle, invented by genius Aussie bloke Garth Midgley. Garth has always had a fascination with food inventions, as a kid pondered things such as, “Why don’t we mix cordial with milk?” He landed his first big break in the food industry when he took out the winning spot on the first season of Channel 10’s Recipe to Riches with his awesome invention Chocorn, chocolate covered toffee popcorn, which had been floating around in his head for 10 years.

Taking his creative food thoughts to the next level, he wanted to create a “cafe style creamy coconut drink to go alongside lattes and hot chocolates.” He teamed up with his partner Fotini Ioannidis, as production manager and together they created the best thing since sliced bread, Cocovelle.

Cocovelle is a coconut milk based powder containing “organic and unrefined muscovado, coconut blossom sugars and delicate spices” sourced from around the world. Cocovelle is naturally free from gluten and wheat, lactose, caffeine, hydrolysed trans-fats, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, and is absolutely delicious. If that doesn’t tick all the boxes, we don’t know what does!

Garth was kind enough to send us some samplers of the Original Silky Cocovelle and new Chocolate Cocovelle. You pretty much add two big scoops to hot milk (or check out a bunch of other recipes on their site) and you’re good to go. Everyone in the office who’s tried it has loved it, especially those after a caffeine-free pick me up after lunch! It’s so rich and creamy we’re thinking about permanently switching from coffee (haha, only kidding, we’re with coffee for life)! So far we’ve tried it on it’s own with Zymil and with a shot of espresso, and both recipes were so yummy! We can’t wait to experiment further with recipes!

And since we’ve loved it so much about it, we’re excited to announce that we’re stocking it on on the CBD website, under our “Not Coffee” category. We are starting off with a limited run, and need your feedback on whether it’s a winner and we should continue to stock it.

Shop Cocovelle Originale and Cocovelle Chocolat.

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