HoccuSpoon Spice Coffee Gadget

The HocuSpoon is the latest coffee art tool we can't wait to try!

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A little while back we reviewed the CinniBird Spice Pen, a cool coffee art gadget that dispenses powders like a mechanical pen. While probably not quite viable for commercial use, for home use it’s been a great little thing to have around and impress people. Now from the same company that invented the CinniBird, comes an awesome-looking new tool, the HocuSpoon.

A small Hungarian company called OliArt Studio are the masterminds behind these cool coffee gadgets. They are a dynamic young company with a focus on kitchen utensils with awesome design, creativity and practicality. With the success and feedback from the CinniBird they were able to bring the HocuSpoon to market, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign.

Based on the same principal of vibrations allowing the powder to dispatch evenly, the HocuSpoon comes loaded with designs, ready to decorate your coffees, your cakes, your anything really. It’s basically a small handheld, pen-like device, with several changeable stencils. There’s a heart, a smile, a bear, a snowflake, and heaps more. Basically you load up the end with your powder and let the vibrations do the rest. Pretty cool, right!

We like that the small powder chamber has been eliminated and that the batteries are no longer in contact with the powder, like in the Cinnibird. It looks like a very functional design that any home or commercial user could make work every time.

We’re excited to get our hands on one soon, if you want to contribute to the Kickstarter to get this gadget out, check it out here.

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