Coffee Profile: Sumatra Wahana Estate Rasuna Grade 1

Coffee Profile: Sumatra Wahana Estate Rasuna Grade 1

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Sumatra is a large island in Western Indonesia consisting of eight provinces and has earned the title of one of Indonesia’s largest coffee producers. Sumatra is well known for producing high-quality coffee, including Mandheling and Ankola beans. Sidikalang is one of Sumatra’s provinces, located in Northern Sumatra. Wahana Estate Rasuna Grade 1 variety beans are grown here in Sidikalang, and we’ve got some in stock for the month of July.

It’s a little known fact that coffee isn’t actually native to Indonesia – it was imported by the Dutch when Indonesia was still under their government.

After a long and difficult history with coffee, the majority of coffee produced in Indonesia is now of the robusta variety. However, the coffee produced at Wahana Estate isn’t! This coffee is an arabica coffee, which has a much softer flavour profile than that of a robusta varietal. In fact, almost all Sidikalang region coffee is arabica variety, despite the country-wide preference of robusta. We’ve got a blog explaining the differences between these two varietals here.

Sumatran Rasuna beans are grown at the Wahana Estate, which was established in 2005. The estate covers over 500 hectares, and is famous for the quality of coffee produced. The climate in Sidikalang offers optimum growing conditions, resulting in some amazing coffee. Currently, there are 13 different local and international varietals grown in Wahana Estate. While it is still a fairly new operation, it continues to develop and grow as time goes on.

While a wet-hulled processing method is the most common method used throughout Indonesia, these beans are actually processed using a natural method. This method entails leaving the coffee cherry fully in tact to dry naturally in the sunlight until the moisture level is at approximately 10 to 12 percent. The wet-hulled method is slightly different to this, with the cherries only being dried overnight. The moisture level is much higher in beans processed using the wet-hulled method.

In terms of flavour, Sumatran Wahana Estate Grade 1 coffee has strong stewed fruit and spice and flavours. Check out how to use a coffee flavour wheel to get a better understanding as to what these flavours mean. Wahana Estate Rasuna coffee has a fairly heavy body with rounded acidity and goes well both black and with milk. Experts say these unique tasting notes of Sidikalang coffee is due to the soil and climate.

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We have Wahana Estate Rasuna coffee in stock for the month of July – get your hands on some while you can! Click the product image above to learn more.

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