Coffee Profile: Mexican Grupo Terruno Nayarita 100% Organic

Coffee Profile: Mexican Grupo Terruno Nayarita 100% Organic

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Since the country’s introduction to coffee in the 1700s, Mexico has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to environmentally friendly coffee. It’s leading farming methods have led the country to be responsible for 60% of the entire world’s organic coffee. This number should be no surprise considering the quality that comes from their delicious specialty organic coffee, such as their Mexican Grupo Terruno Nayarita single origin, which is 100% organic.

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These beans are from a cooperative group of coffee farmers who work collectively to produce consistent and high-quality coffee while using environmentally friendly farming methods. You can really get an idea of the passion that these farmers have for their coffee through the quality and results that you find in the coffee itself and the dedication and commitment to work together.

The group of farms can be found near an extinct volcano called Cerro San Juan. The location gives the coffee great soil, space, and altitude of 1500 – 200MASL to grow. With the addition of the local surrounding tropical plains and small population, it really is the perfect place to create some amazing, sustainable coffee.

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The quality of this coffee is exceptional with a quality score of 86! The varieties you’ll find will be Caturra and Typica, and these beans have been made with a natural process. Flavours from specialty coffee in Mexico will have a light fruitiness touch to them with gentle earthy spice that rival those found in Guatemalan coffee. In the Mexican Grupo Terruno Nayarita particularly, you’ll find flavours of berries and tropical fruit with a wonderful chocolate aroma and long cocoa finish when served with milk. And without milk, you’ll get a delicious, sweet intense coffee that you simply need to try.

If you want to have the info on this amazing coffee, we created a free downloadable PDF printout for you! Check it out here!

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