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Coffee Profile: Kenya Ruka Chui

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Kenya is known in the coffee industry to have some of the world’s most beautiful and delicious Arabica coffee beans. In fact, 90% of Kenya’s coffee exports are of the Arabica variety, so they genuinely have mastered how to create perfectly grown Arabica coffee beans. Mostly produced by smallholder farmers who work together as cooperatives, their beans tend to hold renowned flavours of sweet and full-bodied blackcurrant. It’s delicious, high-quality and top graded coffee, and we are so excited to have some in stock for the month!

Our Kenyan Ruka Chui is grown in Nyeri – one of the oldest towns in Kenya by a group of smallholder farmers who work together as a cooperative. Cooperatives are common in Kenya, with an estimated 55% of coffee production being farmed by around 600, 000 smallholders. The town was established in the British colonial area and is located in the central highlands of Kenya where the landscape of high mountains and rich soil is perfect for growing excellent specialty coffee. The red volcanic soil, high altitudes of 1600-2000 MASL and ideal climate conditions all contribute to the amazing flavours and aroma that you notice with a Ruka Chui coffee.

We often refer to this bean as a “Blend” because the flavours are so stable in every type of extraction. Whether you have this bean in a plunger, a Chemex, or Latte, the stunning flavours will come through. These flavours include the classic blackcurrant with the inclusion of a slight grapefruit citric acidity. The overall experience of a coffee from Ruka Chui beans will be balanced, smooth, full-bodied, very sweet and juicy.

These beans are only available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out on your chance to try them out! Find them here!

Check out the Tasting Notes!

Best for: Everything
Variety: Bourbon
Acidity: Medium
Roast: Medium
Flavours: Sweet, balanced, juicy black currant and red berry.
Process: Washed, sun-dried
Body: Full body

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