Coffee Profile: Brazil Fazenda Rio Verde

Coffee Profile: Brazil Fazenda Rio Verde

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Brazil is a coffee production powerhouse, producing a third of the entire world’s coffee supply. Their popularity is a testament to the consistent, high-quality results of the coffee across the country, and we are so happy to have some on our shelves in August!

Located in the middle of the stunning Mantiqueira Mountain Range, is the Fazenda Rio Verde coffee farm where our monthly single comes from. The landscape of the farm, which spans 1240 hectares, boasts an altitude of 1300MASL and has volcanic clay soil which together contributes to the unparalleled, rich flavours that shine through these beans. Flavours you can expect from these beans will be zesty lime, upfront stone fruits, with a boozy wine acidity. You’ll also note heavy, sticky mouthfeel and lingering dark chocolate. Not only is the land ideal in for growing fantastic coffee, but it’s also incredibly scenic with incredible forests, waterfalls, springs and hiking trails. We wish we could visit!

The farm has as rich of a history as it does in flavour, with it being one of the oldest coffee farms of the Ipanema company! The land was inherited by newly-weds Antonio Fachardo Junqueira and Gabriella Augusta who were the first to introduce coffee production to the farm in 1887. The farm was then passed down to their innovative grandson, Antenor in 1920, who ahead of his time, applied new processes and systems, such as separating the lots by colour and quality. He also built a new patio to improve the drying process system.

After persevering through the hardships of World War I and the 1929 Economic crisis, the farm was passed down to Luiz Cyrillo Fernandes, Antenor’s son-in-law in 1964. Luiz continued leading the farm with his father-in-law’s innovative thinking by building new infrastructure for processing and milling, as well as investing in a soil fertilisation program. He led the farm until 2002 where the ownership was transferred to the current CEO, Washington Rodrigues, who brought the farm into a new age, focusing on continuing creating new processes to improve the quality of the farm, as well as expanding on the business-front, by offering the coffee to new markets.

The Brazil Fazenda Rio Verde beans are medium roast, Yellow Cataui beans with a bright aroma and rich in flavour. It’s nicely balanced with a lingering aftertaste and highly scored acidity and body. These beans have zesty tropical lime, stonefruit flavours with lingering dark chocolate notes. These beans are available for August only, however, if you try them out and LOVE them, let us know by leaving a review on the product page, and we will remember to get them back in again!

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To try the Brazilian Fazenda Rio Verde beans, click here!


Enjoy your brew!

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