Coffee Habits: Men Vs Women

Who consumes more coffee per day? Who adds more sweeteners? Who would rather purchase from a barista than make their own at home? Find out below when we pit Mars vs Venus in an all out gender war over coffee.

In my younger, more naive days, I might have thought that coffee was completely gender-neutral. However, after a survey of nearly 1,200 coffee drinkers done by Food and Nutrition Sciences we can see some clear differences between the genders.


Over 50% of men drink coffee compared with only 32% of women. If we dig deeper we can see that the majority of Women who don’t drink coffee, don’t because they dislike the taste. Where as Men who don’t drink coffee, don’t because it’s too expensive. When I had my cafes in Sydney, I remember there was a percentage of Women who drank tea and so maybe this accounts for some of that number.


22% of Women made Lattes as their first choice of coffee whereas Men chose Canteen coffee. When I say “Canteen” I mean, any type of crap coffee. I used to be able to say drip coffee, but I think the specialty coffee movement has completely altered drip coffee into an amazing experience. Men drinking any type of coffee doesn’t surprise me; Women always have better taste than Men. It figures that Men will drink anything regardless of what it tastes like (Case in point: Women didn’t create Fosters Lager. As a side note – They weren’t Australian either)


This coincides with the previous point: Men don’t care what it tastes like. In fact, I’m still surprised by my Dad who thinks the new wave of coffee is too sweet and wants his coffee to taste bitter like the “Good Ol’ Days”. No matter how beautiful I make his coffee when he visits, he still doesn’t like it. It’s because his idea of what coffee should be is associated with Bitterness and burnt flavours. We don’t really use Robusta beans in western coffees these days as the market demands a smoother flavour that only Arabica beans can produce. Robusta is still widely grown in Vietnam, and because of its greater crop yield and it’s “robustness” it was a much cheaper coffee to produce and earlier on in history this was the more popular coffee used which might account for people still longing for that bitter taste.


Even though I’ve shown my wife how to make coffee on many many occasions, who do you think still ends up making every morning coffee? I get it. Men like gadgets, and with the new wave of coffee integrating technology with coffee, the machines have now become science laboratories. 17 years ago when I started in coffee, we thought we were pretty sophisticated having a stepless grinder and a simple tamper. These days, if your home machine doesn’t have twin boilers and a PID and you don’t have your own Barista Case with a Pullman Big-Step Tamper, digital scales, 22g VST baskets, a timer and some dosing tools, then you can’t call yourself a Barista. Men think, “I HAVE to get all those cool things so I can make the best coffee at home!” Women be like, “Yeh, now get back in the kitchen and make me a damn coffee… or I’m going to go buy one from the hunky Barista down the road.”

Interestingly, our own stats show that it’s an even split between Male and Females visitors. In fact, it’s pretty close to even on every stat: bounce rate, avg pages/session, avg session duration, and the only slight difference is that women have a higher conversion rate which might indicate that women are more comfortable at purchasing online.

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  • Ryadan Jeavons

    Hi Kristi,

    Sorry, it is written by me, Ryd Jeavons from Coffee Beans Delivered

  • Laura

    Does anyone know the name of the author? I really need to know. I need it for a essay.

  • Taylor

    Go to any USA college and you’ll see it’s 90 percent females getting coffee

  • Jenika Jackson/Liddell

    I would come to the conclusion that coffee is a required taste for men, and tea is a delicousy for women.
    But you most definitely have the option to choose which ever you want.

  • Stuart

    This is a Japanese study so probably not too relevant to Australian and other Western markets. The Japanese are quite unique in their consumption of hot drinks.

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