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How to keep coffee fresh

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Why is the Airscape Coffee Canister necessary for any home barista?

Coffee is one of the most sensitive and volatile products; its literally allergic to everything: Light, Oxygen, Heat, Cold, Moisture, and Time. 

Keeping coffee fresh enough to retain all those gorgeous oils is one of the most difficult things. Depending on where you are in the world it can make it even more difficult. Here in sunny (and humid) Brisbane, coffee degasses much more quickly than in the cooler states of Australia like Sydney and Melbourne. The humidity is a killer too and even though the coffee bags have a one way valve on the outside (letting carbon dioxide out and not in) oxygen still finds a way to get in and within a month of roast, if exposed to oxygen, it will become completely inert. Caffeine doesn't evaporate but all the oils that carry the flavours do and we don't want that. 

Enter the Airscape Vacuum Canister. Made from 304 Stainless steel in two different sizes (500g & 1kg). It has a double protective airtight lid and inside that sits another lid with a unique one way valve that doubles as the handle. So when you need to pull out the lid, the handle opens up the one way valve so you can pull it out easily, and when you need to seal it, you only have push it down and lay the handle flat and that seals the valve!

 Airscape coffee canister Component Diagram

It comes in a huge range of colours including: Charcoal, White, Copper,  Red, Teale etc. It also has different types of lids, clear and timber. And because the canisters are food safe, you can actually store other types of foods in there so in your cupboard or kitchen shelves you can have the entire range  or different style Airscapes and they'll look gorgeous. 

The Airscape hits nearly all the elements that destroy coffee: Oxygen, Light, Moisture and Heat & Cold if you store it sensibly at you home. It can't stop time, but it certainly can delay the effects a lot longer than leaving a bag of coffee in the cupboard. 

I found that if you leave your bag of coffee in the original bag with the one way valve, place that into the Airscape and then seal it, it can slow down the effects of time by almost 4 months. In my video above you can watch my experiment on filter coffee that was left in there for at least 3 months. Usually filter coffee is best served within one week of roasting as the flavours deteriorate much more quickly, however, in the Airscape I would say it only lost about 20% of the original flavours.

 You can purchase these Airscapes from our website in both Matte Charcoal or White (500g & 1kg sizes) along with any of our world famous coffees. 



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