Do you enjoy drinking coffee? Duh! of course you do. At CBD we’ve worked hard to make an immersive coffee experience that rewards you from your very first click right down to the first sip of your morning coffee.

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Experience points & Levels

Each time you purchase some coffee, leave a review or complete one of the many other actions throughout the site, you’ll automatically earn points. As these points accumulate, you’ll go up levels and with each new level you’ll reduce the amount that you pay for coffee. Will you stay a Junior Barista forever or can you reach the level of Elite Coffee Cat Unicorn Legend? Only your tastebuds know the answer to that.

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the quest the quest the quest

Badges, Banners and Elite Achievements

How you take your coffee will determine your path for coffee glory. Are you the next Colombian coffee smuggler or do you prefer to drink coffee of African origins? Will you write reviews for ever coffee and achieve the Critics Award or refer your friends to site and sit back as they work furiously to earn points for you. Each quest that you complete gives you a unique badge that increases your overall experience points. Use these points to keep leveling up and lord badges over your friends who have not yet achieved such glory.

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the quest the quest the quest

Avatars and Interactive Dashboards

Now we hand over the reigns for you to begin your quests. Discover what Coffee Persona you are and show the world. And if you’re not happy with your choice, cheat and choose from dozens of custom avatars that represent you more accurately. Gaze longingly at your wall of achievements as you complete each award and fill up every empty space. Think you can achieve glory and stand alongside the coffee gods? Show us your brew skills and sign in to start adventuring.

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