Loyalty status

Baron of Brews

level 2

You have reached a level of honour, wear your coffee bean knowledge as a badge upon your vest.No longer are you resting on the bottom rung of coffee heirachy; you are an upstanding, respected member of the barista guild.

1461 points
Level 2
Points Required to level up: 712
Level 3


1st Purchase

35 points

5th Purchase

Order 5 times

10th Purchase

Order 10 times

20th Purchase

Order 20 times

First Year of Service

120 points

2 years of Service

2 years of service

5 years of Service

5 years of service

Espresso Yourself

105 points

Budding Hemingway

105 points

Avid Reviewer

378 points

Quiz Completed

35 points


1st comment on blog

First Social Share

1st product share on social media

Refer A Friend to Shop

1st refer a friend

Banner flags

House of the Redeemer

Order Brazilian Coffee 10 times

House of the Warrior

Order Kenyan Coffee 10 times

House of the Wise

Order Nicaraguan Coffee 10 times

House of the Beautiful

Order Geisha Coffee 10 times

House of the Golden Temple

Order Guatemalan Coffee 10 times

House of the Blind

Order Blindfold Sampler 10 times

House of the Sipper

Order Sampler Coffee 10 times

House of the Earth Spirit

Order Organic Blend 10 times

House of the Silverback

Order Rwandan Coffee 10 times

House of the King

Order Sumatran Coffee 10 times

House of the Smuggler

Order Colombian Coffee 10 times

Elite Achievements

Loyal Critter

4 years service and 24 orders

Coffee Critic

5 approved reviews

Benevolent Beanster

Purchase 5 gift vouchers for others

Professor Chem-X

Refer 5 friends to shop

Great Minds

5 Years Service, 10 approved coffee reviews, 10 referral signups

Intrepid Explorer

Purchase 10 different types of product

Buzz Killer

Purchase 10 Coffee Alternatives

Coffee Drip

Sign up to 1 years Subscription

Stocking Stuffer

362 points
Join the quest the quest
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