Sumatra Single Origin Coffee

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The super-smooth, low acidity of this coffee makes it just amazing to drink both as black and white coffees. Learn more…




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Sumatra is a large island in Western Indonesia consisting of eight provinces and has earned the title of one of Indonesia’s largest coffee producers and is well known for producing high-quality coffee!

The Sidikalang region of Northern Sumatra is where these beautiful coffee beans grow. The natural environment in the region allows for coffee trees to thrive. This specific varietal is the Rasuna varietal from the Wahana Estate, which is a large coffee estate established in 2005. With around 500 hectares to work with, the Wahana Estate produces a variety of different types of Sumatran coffee.

Historically, Sidikalang is one of the most famous coffee production regions in Indonesia due to the large variety of different types of coffee grown across the region.

Almost all of the coffee produced in the region is a higher quality Arabica variety; the industry produces an estimated 30,000tons annually with a FOB value of US$100 million, with approximately 70% paid to downstream processors, middlemen & growers. As a result of the low yields and limited supply, coupled with high demand, these coffees are sold at premiums of between 25-35% above commodity price.

Tasting notes

Rich flavours of stewed fruits including rhubarb, apple, melon, currants and plum. Finishes with notes of toffee and dry spice.

Best for: Everything
Acidity: Rounded
Roast: Medium
Varieties: Rasuna
Process: Natural



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Great in


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  1. rusithsiriwardena (verified owner)

    Best one yet! Beautiful fruity notes. Must try.

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