Nicaraguan Organic Coffee Beans

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Nicaraguan organic coffee is a great all-rounder bean. Meaning whether you like your coffee black, with milk, filtered, or through an espresso machine, it will always taste delicious. With a sweeter finish than the African origins, these Nicaraguan coffee beans deliver flavours of Raspberry and floral honey, sweet malt, vanilla, and hazelnut finish. Learn more…



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These lovely organic Nicaraguan coffee beans are grown on rich volcanic soils at La Joya, a small 12-hectare farm in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. Jinotega is the king of the Nicaraguan coffee industry. It was founded in 2017 and has since been fully transformed from general horticulture to specialty coffee. Primary forest still surrounds the estate, which is located in the mountains between 1100 and 1300 meters above sea level, providing a rich soil condition for the coffee plantation. It has volcanic soil and a humid, tropical climate, similar to the Matagalpa region, making it ideal for coffee cultivation. This north-central area produces a large amount of high-grown coffee, especially Caturra and Bourbon varieties.

The farm utilizes a technique that is entirely based on preventing soil nutrient loss, so a slow-release Green Crop fertilizer is used. In the off-season, they use other smaller crops to dig back into the soil, reintroducing organic matter into the soil. Other recent initiatives include improved accommodation for pickers and funding for the local school to ensure that the children of permanent workers have better facilities and education. The farm employees are all covered by the social security system and are paid one and a half times more than the regional average. The farm is adjacent to Cerro Dantali and Gobiado hill, both of which are famous for the urban legend of an un-dead horseback rider. There are lots of folklore in the region including the one about La Cegua but we were focused on sourcing this beautiful organic Nicaraguan coffee so it’s up to you to find out more about those stories.

Tasting notes

This natural microlot coffee has delicate raspberry and floral honey notes. With milk, it finishes with sweet malt, vanilla, and hazelnut flavour.

This is another ALL-ROUNDER coffee, which means it tastes great in a long black but still preserves all of the flavors in a milk-based coffee.

Best for: Everything

Body: Silky

Acidity: Raspberry

Roast: Light to medium

Altitude: 1350 MASL

Process: Natural

Varieties: Bourbon & Catuai

Flavours: Honey with malt and vanilla finish

Region: Jinetago


Honey, Malt

Great in
Great in


Roast type
Roast type

Light, Medium


Mars Dimackie






7 reviews for Nicaraguan Organic Coffee Beans

  1. c93025 (verified owner)

    Like the nutty finish, 5 stars!

  2. ann cains (verified owner)

    Can’t believe more people aren’t reviewing this coffee! Smooth but rich, flavorsome but not overwhelming, definitely mellow with a gentle kick. This is my go to Moka pot cappuccino blend for mornings.

  3. mikeboulton (verified owner)

    An enjoyable, easy to drink coffee as espresso with milk.

  4. aenaylor (verified owner)

    Very Good daily Coffee, nice and smooth

  5. Anthony Challis

    amazing beans, love the fact you can get pre ground for french press.
    Just tried this from the x4 sampler pack and love it 🙂

  6. Ros

    Great service… love the all rounder pack idea, can’t wait to try them all.

  7. admin

    Awesome beans!

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