Nespresso compatible coffee pods reusable Starter Kit

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These awesome Nespresso compatible REUSABLE coffee pods by Bluecup gives you the power to choose your favourite blend and have it ground fresh just for you.

Not only do they save the planet from wastage but you also save money! 500g of coffee gets you about 100 cups! Learn more…




Traditional coffee pods mostly use old coffee, sometimes 6 months or older. They also account for 21 tonnes of plastic waste per day, just here in Australia. That’s 21 thousand kilo’s per day just here in Australia! 7 and a half thousand tonnes per year. So what can we do to reduce that?
Let us introduce you to these amazing Bluecup reusable coffee pods that you put your own fresh coffee in. You not only get a tastier fresher coffee but you also, save the planet from some of that waste and save you some money at the same time.
This is a relatively new product designed especially for Nespresso pod machines to make it super duper easy to make your fresh pod coffee at home.

What’s included in this starter kit:

  • 100 x recyclable lids
  • 2 x reusable capsules
  • 1 x distribution spoon
  • 1x cup creator

How to use it:

  1. Click the pod into the spoon
  2. Scoop up your coffee grinds and level it off at the rim
  3. Click the pod out
  4. Use the back end of the spoon to pack it down
  5. Place the lid on the coffee pod
  6. Insert the pod with the lid on into the cup creator
  7. Push the transparent part down and twist, this creates a perfectly sealed pod ready to go.
  8. Drop the pod in the Nespresso machine with the pod facing forward.

There you go, super simple and only takes 30 seconds!

A bag of 500 grams will get you about 100 coffees and that should save you 50-75% of the coffee pod price that you’re currently paying depending on where you’re getting them from.

Not only are you saving a lot of money but also reducing that 21 tonnes per day of plastic waste!
Happy Brewing!

Tasting notes

The Flavours of coffees in the pods are so much richer and more delicious than your average Pods because you get to choose the coffee that goes in them.

It takes less than 30seconds to pack your coffee and you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars while saving the planet.

Our entire range of coffees work with these pods and we can even grind them for you if you need.




1 review for Nespresso compatible coffee pods reusable Starter Kit

  1. gillystreet

    Love my reusable pods – get to decide on my blend – awesome

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