Mother’s Day Coffee Blend – LIMITED EDITION


We know how important this Mother’s Day is this year so we created a blend with the highest quality beans to give the most exquisite flavours and put a smile on your Mum’s face. Learn more…



This years Mother’s Day may look a little different to previous ones, but that means it needs to be all that more special.

Everyone is hurting in different ways and facing unique difficulties that no one in the history of the human race have ever had to deal with.

We wanted to create something super special this year to help us get through these times.

We created a blend worthy of your mother’s praise!

From the seedlings through to the roasting and packaging, this blend represents the care and kindness that is synonymous with our Mum. The nurture that only a mother can provide for us is all bundled up and turned into delicious tastes.

With floral aromas and delicious cherry flavours followed by rich creamy chocolate, this blend will bring the biggest smile to anyone’s face.

We’ve also collaborated with other local, small Australian-owned businesses and put together some truly delicious, high-quality gift packs that are bound to bring a smile to your beloved mum! So check them out

Mothers day deluxe care package consisting of a Little Cocoa Dragee Medley, 500g Mother's day coffee blend, a gorgeous handcrafted ceramic cup on a nest of wood wool

DELUXE mother’s day care package contents (Cup may vary from image due to being handcrafted)


Cocovelle chocolat with dragee medley on nest of wood wool with logo in corner

Tasting notes

Mothers Day Blend

Available for a limited time only, this Mother’s Day Blend delivers chocolate and cherry flavours you’re bound to love!

Best for: Everything
Body: Smooth and Creamy
Acidity: Mild
Roast: Medium
Flavours: Floral Aromas with fruit and rich creamy chocolate flavours

Roast type
Roast type







Balanced, Medium



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