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Decaf coffee can still taste great! Don’t be fooled into thinking that it shouldn’t, usually the reason for it is due to the caffeine extraction process or the fact that most cafes dislike decaf coffee and so don’t keep it fresh. Just because your body can’t process caffeine as quickly doesn’t mean you should have to curb your love for exquisite coffee. This decaf will not only satisfy your tastebuds, but also you can rest assured knowing that what you are putting into your body is free of any chemicals!

From the mountains of Mexico comes this ‘Mountain Water Washed”  Decaf Coffee. Not only is it decaffeinated but it is also 100% certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance coffee. This is a premium Decaf bean and is one of the rare decafs that only use the mountain washing process which uses only pure melted glacial water from Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico, to separate the caffeine from the beans. The process is tedious and the production workers must be incredibly fastidious about how they handle the beans, the water that they use (making sure it isn’t contaminated with other chemicals) and the length of time to retain the full flavours of the Mexican mountain beans whilst achieving the highest extraction of caffeine (99.9%).


Tasting notes

Decaf coffee doesn’t need to taste horrible. It just needs to be fresh

Best in: Everything
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Light
Roast: Dark
Flavours: Creamy and dark chocolate with malt flavours ending with a lemon citrus and sweet overtones

For a full glossary of the tasting terms click here


Citrus, Malt

Great in
Great in


Roast type
Roast type








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