Guatemalan Finca Rosario de Fatima – Organic Single Origin Coffee


These Organic Guatemalan coffee beans highlight vibrant citrus and mandarin tones, from the beautiful Finca Rosario de Fatima. Download Coffee info PDF here Learn more…



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These beans are sourced from the centre of a major coffee growing area, Finca Rosario De Fátima is hidden in the tropical valleys of Cobán, Guatemala! Surrounded by mountains covered with orchids, volcanos and cool temperatures from nearby oceans, this unique landscape gives the coffee a juicy fruit acidity with flavours of blood orange and nectarine, coupled with mandarin and brown sugar notes, all tied together with a sweet finish.

With an overall cupping score grade of 89, these beans have a similar sweetness to that of the Nicaraguan beans and are often interchangeable within a blend.

Guatemala is known for its specialty coffees with sweet flavoured nuances unique to the country. What makes it so unique is that the climate is so diverse with lots of high altitude farms, consistent rainfall and a good understanding and practice of coffee technology.

Tasting notes

Vibrant citrus acidity, with notes of vibrant citrus, mandarin, with notes of nectarine and brown sugar


Best for: Everything

Body: Full and heavy

Acidity: Medium-high

Roast: Medium

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai

Process: Washed

Region: Santo Domingo De Cuban

Quality Score: 89




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