Colombian Popaya Coffee Beans
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Colombian Popayan Organic Coffee


These Colombian Popayan coffee beans are a superb example of specialty coffee with well balanced acidity, a brown sugar sweetness and a delightfully clean finish. They are a great introduction to the world of specialty varietals for those who have a love for the finer joys in life.

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Product Description

This spectacular Colombian coffee is grown in the Popayan/Cauca region between the Western and Central Mountain ranges, by a collective of 90 Inźa families known as the Tierradento Organic Co-op. The area has recently been declared a world heritage site for it’s rich pre-hispanic culture and history.

The rich volcanic soil and altitude of the area provide perfect conditions for typica and caturra varietals to grown under the shade of avocado and plantain trees. The families all wash and ferment their beans on site for around 10 hours to produce a sweet, aromatic coffee, perfectly balanced and clean in the cup.

This bean has stood out among the microlots, with remarkably balanced tangerine acidity, brown sugar sweetness and a superbly clean finish.