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Want to surprise and delight a special person?

You know that they love their coffee but you have no idea how they drink it (hey, we don’t judge here).

Send the lucky person an email gift card, let them do our short coffee quiz, and let them choose their favourite coffee. Learn more…



We know every coffee we sell is insanely delicious, but we also know how hard it is to make a decision. This is especially hard when you need to buy for a friend/partner/husband/wife/boss/random stranger because how the heck do you know what they like in a coffee?

No need to have a panic attack anymore, simply purchase them an email gift card and let them choose which coffee is best for them.



  1. You select what amount you wish to send them
  2. Complete the order with a special message to the lucky recipient
  3. You get a confirmation email for your purchase
  4. They immediately get an email with all the details of the gift card and a code to use in our checkout to redeem
  5. They follow the link back to the website and choose their favourite coffee!
  6. They love you for life.

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