Brazil Serra de Mantiquiera Single Origin


These Brazilian beans are from the scenic and well-established Fazenda Rio Verde coffee farm. These beans have rich zesty lime and stone-fruity flavours with subtle caramel notes and a pink lolly finish. Learn more…



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Contributing to over a third of the entire world’s coffee bean production, Brazilian coffee will always deliver great results. These Brazilian beans are grown at the centre of Mantiqueira mountain range on the Fazenda Rio Verde farm, which has been operating for over 100 years!

Surrounded by virgin forests, waterfalls, scenic hiking trails and beautiful springs, this farm is a true natural sanctuary. Standing at 1300 meters above sea level, the mountainous landscape is home to red mineral volcanic soil that allows the coffee to develop rich flavours that are unparalleled. These flavours include; spritzy lime, upfront stone fruity acidity, creamy sweet caramel, and a pink lolly finish.




Tasting notes

Tropical green and pink melon notes up front, with a boozy wine acidity. Heavy, sticky mouthfeel and lingering dark chocolate.

Altitude: 800-1350 meters
Region: Serra De Mantiquera Mountains
Roast: Medium 
Varieties: Yellow Catuai 
Process: Natural
Farm Size: 1240h
Acitidy: 8
Body: 7.25



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