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Nicaraguan Organic Coffee Beans

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Nicaraguan organic coffee is a great all-rounder bean. Meaning whether you like your coffee black, with milk, filtered, or through an espresso machine, it will always taste delicious. With a sweeter finish than the African origins, these Nicaraguan coffee beans deliver flavours of cocoa and nuts with a soft apricot finish.

These beautiful organic coffee beans, grown in the mountainous San Juan del Rio Coco regions of Nicaragua, by the Cooperativa Agropecuaria Reyna del Café a collective of 165 members on 800 hectares of land.. Nicaragua is known as a very tropical region located in Central America but the North-Central highlands area have a cooler climate in which the best quality coffee is grown, as the beans develop slowly to result in a denser, high quality bean. The regions are often referred to as having an “eternal spring” or an all-year spring with temperatures ranging between ~24-26 degrees Celsius which definitely comes through in the flavours.

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Tasting Notes

This natural microlot coffee has delicate raspberry and floral honey notes. With milk, it finishes with sweet malt, vanilla, and hazelnut flavour.

This is another ALL-ROUNDER coffee, which means it tastes great in a long black but still preserves all of the flavors in a milk-based coffee.

Best for: Everything
Body: Silky
Acidity: Raspberry
Roast: Light to medium
Flavours: Honey with malt and vanilla finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
These beans are simply the best I've tasted

Like the nutty finish, 5 stars!

ann cains
Great variety, and customer service.

Can't believe more people aren't reviewing this coffee! Smooth but rich, flavorsome but not overwhelming, definitely mellow with a gentle kick. This is my go to Moka pot cappuccino blend for mornings.

Gorgeous, rich taste

An enjoyable, easy to drink coffee as espresso with milk.

The coffee was amazing

Very Good daily Coffee, nice and smooth

Anthony Challis
Great service

amazing beans, love the fact you can get pre ground for french press.
Just tried this from the x4 sampler pack and love it :)