Low Acidity Coffees

Low Acidity Coffees

Low acidity in coffee doesn’t mean that the coffee is completely free of that tangy feeling that is present in specialty coffees. It means that the acidity presents more smoothly, gently and is a less noticeable element than other tasting notes of the coffee.

Low acidity is partially due to the elevation that coffee is grown at, generally the higher the altitude, the more acidic the coffee, so these coffees are grown in mid-low altitudes. The acidity is also changed by the processing and roasting. Medium roasting brings out the sugars in the bean, so these coffees will have their acidity disguised by the sweetness.

These are our coffees with low acidity. With these beans you will notice other aspects of the drink before the acidity. In particular, our Organic Blend Coffee has been roasted and blended specially to create a smooth and rich body, so the acidity is still there, but is not as noticeable as other tasting notes in the drink.


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