Similar to a full bodied coffee, a coffee with rich body means the coffee sits weightily on the tongue and is full of intense and interesting flavours.

Not only this, but rich bodied coffee has deep and complex flavour notes. Like the difference between serving Scotch Whisky dry, versus with water, these coffees have layers of flavours that the tongue unveils. The acidity opens up the receptors on the tongue, allowing the flavours to really soak in and develop on the palette.

These coffees are for experienced drinkers, though if you think you’ve got what it takes, certainly give them a go. The Baroque Coffee Blend is a great place to start, the ratio of each bean, as well as the roasting, has been done to draw out the most elegant and complex flavours.

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  • Organic Coffee Beans Blend

    Organic Coffee Beans Blend

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  • guatemalan-organic-coffee

    Guatemalan Organic Single Origin Coffee

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  • baroque-blend-coffee

    Baroque Coffee Blend

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  • Hot Chocolate Powder

    Gluten Free Hot Chocolate Powder

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  • cocovelle-chocolat-260g-510x510

    Cocovelle Chocolat Drink

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  • cocovelle-original-260g

    Cocovelle Originale Chai-like Drink

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