Coffees are not usually naturally creamy without the addition of milk or cream. However these are a few products, that aren’t coffee, that have a distinctly creamy body. They are full bodied, deliciously rich and best served with milk to even further emphasise the creaminess.

Sometimes, though, even a coffee can have a naturally creamy taste, without milk. This is due to a high amount of natural sugars, which can be produced from only harvesting the ripest beans, and roasting the beans to a medium roast. This helps the sugars come to the fore, and cuts through the astringent acidity of the bean.

These products are perfect for winter warmers, or even as summer coolers, make them however you feel. We are particularly fond of the Cocovelle Originale, made on lightly steamed soy milk with a dusting of cinnamon on top, a truly creamy and delicious treat. Or make on cold milk with ice cubes for a cool Summer drink.

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    Gluten Free Hot Chocolate Powder

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    Cocovelle Chocolat Drink

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    Cocovelle Originale Chai-like Drink

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