How To Pour A Latte Heart

How To Pour A Latte Heart

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IMPORTANT: Before you even attempt to do latte art, you’ll need to know how to steam silky milk. If you want to learn that read here

First things first; you need to get a good grip on your milk pitcher. Why? Because it will give you the best control over what you’re pouring. More control = clean and precise coffee art.

We suggest the pencil grip technique. To get the pencil grip, start by placing your palm on the base of the milk pitcher handle, then place your thumb and pointer finger on either side of the top of the pitcher handle.

holding the milk pitcher with a pencil grip for best results of doing latte art

Next, you’ll want to get a good cup position. Tilting your mug at an angle towards your milk pitcher will allow for your milk to really show up and create a nice contrast. It will also allow you to have a better milk pitcher position. You want the cup to work with the pitcher, not the pitcher working with the mug. Place the pitcher so that it’s almost touching the cup, then begin the latte heart! Wiggle the milk jug from side to side ever so slightly.

Side shot of milk jug tilting and milk pouring out into cup

Once you reach the size of what you want the heart to be, while still pouring the milk, let it pour at the top of the heart for a millisecond, then drag the milk jug down the circle like a line to the back of the cup to create the heart shape. As you’re creating your design, you’ll want to slowly bring your cup out of being angled, so that by the time you’ve finished the art, the cup is level.

love heart latte art shot of cup from above with hand holding it

Things To Consider

Height of the milk pitcher as you’re pouring the milk to create the design. You’ll want to start your design super close to the surface of your drink. To get so close, you’ll need to angle your cup. An angled cup allows you to be able to pour your milk slower and therefore able to have more control over the design you’re creating. Practice makes perfect! Even baristas who create latte art every day need to practice and practice, so be patient and have faith if you aren’t getting the results you want right away!

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