Panama Geisha Coffee Beans

What makes Panama Geisha the gold standard for beans?

Panama Geisha beans are, quite possibly, the most sought after coffee beans in the world. So we’re pretty lucky to be able to supply these beans on our site. But if you’re thinking, “two hundred and sixty bucks is a little bit steep for a kilo of coffee beans, it is worth it?” Well, is an Aston Martin Vanquish worth $600k? Is a 1972 Macallan Fine Scotch worth $23k? You betcha! When you want to have the best and money isn’t an obstacle then of course it’s worth it, and we’ll tell you why.

The Panama Geisha beans are grown in the highlands of the Boquete region in the Chiriqui Province of western Panama. The beans thrive in conditions around 500 metres above sea level. But they didn’t start out in Central America. The variety originated in Ethiopia, then it was transported to Kenya, and then to Panama, where it is now exclusively and scarcely grown. The few farms that do produce it have reported that the bushes yield only a small amount of beans, accounting for the extreme rarity of them.

The particular beans we supply on Coffee Beans Delivered hold truly spectacular overtones of wine and peaches, followed by candied mandarin and raspberry when delivered black through a plunger or filter. With such incredibly complex and refined flavours it’s no wonder they are referred to as ‘Geisha’ beans. These beans should not, under any circumstances, be wasted in an espresso drink. The flavours are best received through a plunger or filter brew. Like a vintage whiskey, these beans stand alone.

With only around 2 tonnes produced a year, the beans are sold at auction, and incredibly hard to get your hands on. In order to get the beans we need to beat out America, China, Japan and other larger countries. Since little ole Australia is not a huge country we just don’t have the buying power to secure best rate.

It’s really no wonder that these beans are considered the best internationally, with very specific growing conditions needed to produce them and such a huge demand – it’s almost as if you’re drinking a cup of gold.

Panama Geisha coffee in gold lettering serious beans and exclusive

We sell these sought after coffee beans right here. But supply is always limited, if they aren’t in stock, head over and sign up to our newsletter so you can get in on our next release.

Ryadan Jeavons

by Ryadan Jeavons

Ryd is a passionate coffee educator who started his career in 2000 as a barista. Having seen the coffee industry develop over the years and how much there is to learn about coffee still, his personal mission has become a role as the conduit between the industry and the consumer. He is passionate about educating the public on all the wonderful things we are learning about this golden liquid drink.

2 comments on "What makes Panama Geisha the gold standard for beans?"

  1. bobtaustralia says:

    G`Day Ryd,
    Just a a short note to confirm that I received my beans today. 20/9/2019
    1st. I thought that I ordered HUEHUETENANGO beans,but received BIRD FRIENDLY instead, I must have looked at the wrong signage, however, after receiving these beans, have got to say they are quite a pleasant tasting, had to increase the grinding further to make the beans more fully ground, otherwise VERY good bean (Coffee)

  2. bobtaustralia says:

    Well Ryd,
    Now that I have tested/tasted the New Guinien Beans, I and my wife really enjoy these beans to the point that we now each have several cups per day always in double walled cups, this way the coffee stays hotter for longer allowing us to get the full bodied flavor so enjoyable in a great coffee.
    Once again, thanks for the great service and even greater beans.

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