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Filter/drip coffee brewing has been insanely popular for over a century now, and for some very good reasons. The coffee brewed from this method tastes incredible, and it’s very easy to do. Click the image below for a step by step video guide on how to brew filter coffee!

What is a Filter/Drip?

In simple terms, a filter or drip coffee brewer (the terms are generally interchangeable) is a brewing method that consists of pouring hot water on coarsely ground coffee. This then drips through the filter and into a cup or pot over a few minutes. The coffee made from a filter/drip brewer can either be drunk black, or you can add milk, cream or sugar to sweeten it.

Where Does the Filter/Drip Originate From?

Originally, paper filters and the filter brewing method were invented in Germany in 1908. Around 50 years later in 1954, the first electric coffee brewer was invented – also in Germany. Nowadays, both the original manual brewing method and electric brewing methods are insanely popular worldwide. Another addition to the original filter brewer design is a reusable metal filter to replace single-use paper filters. While this reduces waste, it does add to machine maintenance.


The Drip-o-Lator was invented in the United States in the 1920s. The original German invention was designed to make one cup at a time, and drip directly into your cup. However, this American patent allowed for coffee to be brewed into a pot, making multiple cups at a time. This type of coffee then became the norm across American cafes and homes.


The Best Way to Brew Filter/Drip Coffee at Home

At the top of this blog, there’s a link to a video guide on how to brew filter coffee. If you’re more of a reader, here’s an easy to follow guide –

What you’ll need:

  • Filter
  • Filter Paper
  • Kettle
  • Scales


  1. Put the filter paper in the filter.
  2. Weigh out 15 grams of filter-ground coffee and tip into the filter paper.
  3. Pour in 50mL of water to begin the blooming process.
  4. Add 100mL more water.
  5. Allow this to drip for a little while before adding a final 100mL of water.
  6. And there you have it! A lovely cup of filter brewed coffee. Add milk or sugar as you wish.

The Best Coffee for a Filter/Drip

If you drink your coffee with milk, we highly recommend our Il Caramello Blend for a smooth, slightly sweet cup, or our Tall Dark and Handsome Blend for a stronger, fuller-bodied coffee with chocolatey flavours. If you prefer your coffee straight black, we suggest you look for a light roasted coffee.

Ryadan Jeavons

by Ryadan Jeavons

Ryd is a passionate coffee educator who started his career in 2000 as a barista. Having seen the coffee industry develop over the years and how much there is to learn about coffee still, his personal mission has become a role as the conduit between the industry and the consumer. He is passionate about educating the public on all the wonderful things we are learning about this golden liquid drink.

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  1. Sakura says:

    I love filter coffee. But I had limited my brewing method to only a traditional brass filter. Now, I’m looking to learn to brew a good cup of drip coffee after I bought an equipment recently. This blog proved to be very informative to me. Can’t wait to go start brewing now. Thank you!

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