Clear Coffee Has Been Invented

Clear Coffee Has Been Invented

Our saving grace has arrived! Black coffee drinkers rejoice – for clear coffee has been invented! The feeling of impending doom from an upcoming dentist appointment, or when a photo is taken next to one of those lucky friends with gleaming pearly whites – GONE! Well, almost gone.

CLR CFF is an innovative, but slightly science fiction-y new product, created by two brothers in London that “wanted to drink coffee without staining their teeth.” It’s recently been released onto the UK market, and is “the first colourless coffee in the world.”

CLR CFF – short for clear coffee, contains only high quality roasted arabica coffee beans and water. The website mysteriously professes that the drink is made using “methods which have never been used before.” We’re not scientists, so we certainly can’t even begin to guess what happened in the lab to create this cool but kinda creepy coffee drink. Before you ask, it allegedly contains no preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilisers, sugar or any other sweeteners.

It’s certainly a breakthrough for coffee technology, with a clear market, a quick Google search of “coffee stained teeth” brings over a million results. In fact, the product is going so well there is already a pop-up on the CLR CFF website apologising for a delay in the delivery- they just can’t keep up.

It’s currently not available in Australia, but if and when it is released – we’ll definitely give it a go! Our dentists are going to love this.

Ryadan Jeavons

by Ryadan Jeavons

Ryd is a passionate coffee educator who started his career in 2000 as a barista. Having seen the coffee industry develop over the years and how much there is to learn about coffee still, his personal mission has become a role as the conduit between the industry and the consumer. He is passionate about educating the public on all the wonderful things we are learning about this golden liquid drink.

5 comments on "Clear Coffee Has Been Invented"

  1. polo-puppy-fluffy says:

    Great Idea. Who doesn’t love white teeth.

  2. John-Barden says:

    I was talking about doing this with a friend the other day, using lab equipment. I should definitely look into it.

  3. Rochelle Rusden says:

    Where can I buy it wholesale? I’m in Australia and want to be the first to sell it here!

  4. Rochelle Rusden says:

    Where can I buy it wholesale? I’m in Australia and want to be the first to sell it here!

    1. Ryadan Jeavons says:

      I’m not sure Rochelle, this article was written while back now and I have a feeling they didn’t make it.

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